Little Fistral beach

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Season: spring

A bright evening greeted me at Little Fistral in Newquay.  Half a tide played against the beach and there was a blue sea beyond.  A sunset was forming, as the sun started to drop towards the horizon.  It was a time for reflection, towards the end of the day.

Spring visit photo gallery


The solace of the beach for Chris.


The beach as part of life in Newquay.


A fine vista at Little Fistral beach in the early evening.

Season: spring

Bright sunshine greeted me here in Newquay and it was exceptionally mild, with a hazy, blue sky.  The ocean had scoured out the sand from the lower reaches of the beach, revealing weird, polished rock formations.  Little Fistral is a dangerous, steep beach with a strong undertow and plenty of rip tides, so great care is needed in the water.  Towan Head is a popular coasteering location.  My chat with Chris and Simon throws some light on this relatively new pastime.

Spring visit photo


After a working life took them away from their beloved West Country, I met Ron and Pauline, kicking back on the beach in reflective mood.


Seen from the water’s edge, spectacular waves arrive at Little Fistral beach in Newquay.

Season: winter

This was a welcome return to the mesmeric waves and surf of Cornwall’s North Coast.  I went along to the Cribbar Rocks, to witness the awesome power of the North Atlantic swell at the point break.  Cycling along the headland was Tim, originally from Bradford, who’d made a life change to enjoy Cornwall and its wild nature.

Winter visit photo


With Tim, above Little Fistral beach.


At the Cribbar Rocks, looking out to sea.


Little Fistral beach and its rocks in winter.

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