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Season: winter

Wild storms lashed Towan Head for this winter re-visit.  I interviewed John, an experienced local fisherman, who explained that you can multiply the time between the waves by 0.75 to calculate the speed of the waves, in metres per second.  There was a gap of 30 seconds between these waves. The power of the ocean, when seen from such an exposed headland, is quite awesome and a reminder of the danger of reckless interaction with such forces.

Winter visit photo gallery


John’s experiences with this weather over time.


A wild day at Towan Head.

Season: spring

A bright evening greeted me for this spring re-visit to Towan Head in Newquay.  As Easter approached, couples and families were walking the beaches and headlands of Newquay, enjoying the welcome return of blue skies and high pressure, after the winter storms.  Half a tide played against Little Fistral and Fistral beaches and there was a blue sea in the bay, looking towards Great Western and the other Newquay beaches.  It was a fine way to end the day.

Spring season photo gallery


Clare and Toby, at the end of the day.


A fine evening at Towan Head.

Season: summer

The mild, overcast morning, on Towan Head in Newquay, coincided with a high tide, just starting to fall back on Little Fistral beach, next to the headland.  A vibrant sea pummeled the rocks that faced the Atlantic Ocean.  Looking back from the lookout post, the party goers of Newquay slept through a vibrant start to the day.

Summer visit photo gallery


Two early morning joggers, at Towan Head.


Next to the action. in the morning on Towan Head.

Season: summer

Looking across to Trevose Head and its glinting lighthouse from Towan Head, just before dawn, the view was interspersed with fishing boats that made their way out from the harbour at Newquay.  As the sun broke over the headland, they crossed a golden shaft of light that lay over the sea.  It’s a scene that stays frozen in the visual memory, stored away for rainy winter days and dark nights.  There’s a fine view back towards Little Fistral and Fistral beaches from Towan Head, elevated and proud against the Atlantic breakers.

Summer visit photo gallery


An early morning spot of mackerel fishing for Ken.


Just before dawn, on Towan Head in Newquay.

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