Crantock beach

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Season: autumn

To crouch in the lea of a rocky outcrop, down by the water on East Pentire, as the wind howls above, is quite an experience.  Only inches from the pounding Atlantic breakers, the sun explodes out of the clouds to the left in golden shafts, lighting white horses on the storm-tossed waves.  The sound is elemental, indescribable; unexpected walls of white water rise rhythmically between the torn rock at your feet.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Why Richard goes to the beach.



On East Pentire, looking across and back to Crantock beach.

Late spring visit photo gallery

Season: spring

Crantock’s wide open beach was laid out in the sun, a fine sight from the dunes behind.  The River Gannel snaked back towards Newquay, with East Pentire behind.  A cold wind sent sand scudding across the pristine beach and the receding tide left intricate dimples among pools of clear water in the sand.  Looking down from East Pentire later for the interview, this stunning beach is one that can freeze your thoughts in time, holding you with its charms for too short a time.

Spring visit photo gallery


Ben’s relationship with the beach, for work and pleasure.


A view of the beach from the dunes.

Season: summer

This is an iconic Cornish beach, large in scale and unspoilt, under the care of the National Trust.  If you look back to the beach from the end of either Pentire, it has a theatrical nature, charismatic and wild, with the sand dunes behind.  The beach itself usually has a breeze, even on the apparently stillest day and this gives a walk here an invigorating feel.  The River Gannel runs to the sea under East Pentire, covering treacherous tides at its confluence with the Atlantic.  More than most, this is a beach that stays in your mind’s eye, long after you’ve left it.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Clare and her family.


The beach as part of Jen’s routine.

Season: spring

It was a still, calm day at Crantock beach.  The tide was way out and the beach looked magnificent, seen from the sand dunes behind it.

Spring visit photo

A separate spring visit photo


Crantock beach and the sea beyond.

Season: winter

I returned to Crantock on a beautiful January day, with the sun bathing the beach on a falling tide.  The beach looked spectacular, difficult to associate with winter, really.  Crantock is a fine village on the North Cornwall coast, with pubs, hotels, tourist attractions, a shop and holiday lets all readily to hand.  There is a toilet block next to the car park, just behind the sand dunes.


A mother and daughter, on the beach at Crantock in North Cornwall.


The beach, as seen from above, with this access from the western end of the beach.

Season: autumn

It was a bright sunny day on my visit to Crantock, perfect for one of Cornwall’s premier visitor beaches. Parking is at the National Trust car park through the village next to the dunes, or next to the Bowgie pub on the headland.  There’s a well-equipped shop in the nearby village and a choice of three pubs.


My first view of Crantock beach, on the path down from the Bowgie Inn.


Due to the low tide I could explore the makeshift pull-up places and shed for pilchard fishing in olden days.  Continued in the next film…


Continued from the previous film, the makeshift pull-up places and pilchard shed.


Investigating the caves along the side of the beach, I noticed a poem written on a cave wall.

7 thoughts on “Crantock beach

  1. Pamela

    My parents had their honeymoon at Crantock. Went there for 1st anniversary with my then boyfriend (now husband). 🙂

  2. Elaine

    If ever I feel stressed, I just walk to the top of the sand dunes and look down onto glorious Crantock beach and the stresses melt away.

  3. Carly

    The beach means being down on the beach on my own, watching the sunset with no one around and looking out to sea, catching up with my thoughts.”

  4. Sara

    The beach means sand and sea, smiling children, seagulls, lots of dogs. It makes me feel invigorated and my soul lifted.

  5. Doroi Harasek

    i live in new york city. it is my dream one day to go to such a beautiful place.
    thank you for posting.


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