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Season: autumn

The sandy beach at Wells, backed by dunes and pine trees, is part of the Holkham Estate and leads on to Holkham beach.  It stretches for miles to the West, into Holkham Bay.  Eastwards, the beach continues but can be cut off by the tide.  In this direction are salt marshes, part of a nature reserve. Sprats and whelks are the local speciality here.  During the summer, you can take a miniature railway from the town to the beach.  The beach is breathtakingly beautiful and has formed the backdrop for many films, including the closing sequence of “Shakespeare in Love”.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Ruth’s enduring relationship with the beach here, via her beach hut.

Norfolk Country Cottages


An expansive beach, at Wells-Next-The-Sea.

Season: summer

The channel by the beach at Wells-next-the-Sea was starting to fill, as the fast moving tide here moved inwards.  In late afternoon, the beach huts were starting to empty, but I was lucky enough to catch one family, after a fine day at the beach.  The sky was blue, the sand powdery and golden, a classic family day out for all the visitors.

Summer visit photo gallery


Family times at the beach.


The view towards the dunes at Wells-next-the-Sea, a wide open beach.

Season: winter

The sense of space on the beach at Wells is breathtaking.  If you stand on the established dunes in the middle, the panorama takes in beach huts, with Wells Woods behind and an apparently endless vista out to sea, across the channel.  This is kept clear for the boats that take workers out to service the offshore wind farm.  Like it or not, this has been a massive economic boost to the town and increased trade significantly.

Winter season photo gallery


What the beach means to Brian and Christine.


The wide expanse of Wells beach.


One thought on “Wells-Next-The-Sea

  1. Hazel

    I grew up by the sea in Portballintrae, just across the beach from the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. So the beach brings back fond memories as a child racing down the sand dunes; camping out and making bonfires on the beach; swimming in all weathers; having the wind blow through my hair and enjoying the sense of freedom.

    As an adult whenever I got stressed at work I would go and get a beach ‘fix’; the wind would clear my head and the sense of infinity would restore my soul.

    Nowadays, since my husband died and I have a little dog (Zuki) the beach has another purpose. I now have a caravan at Wells-next-the-Sea and Zuki and I take long walks on the huge expanse of dog friendly beach all the way to Holkham and play ball endlessly – I am refreshed and we are both content. After our walk and play it is a stop at the dog friendly Wells Beach Café for Zuki’s favourite sausage roll. There are so many dog friendly places in Wells and Holkham for us to enjoy and the beaches are dog friendly all year round.

    The beach is where I feel at home; at peace and immensely happy and it is great to have my little dog by my side to enjoy it with me.


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