Hunstanton beach

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Season: autumn

It was a November morning on the west-facing Hunstanton beach and the tide was out.  Interviewee Barrie had traveled thirty miles to this spot, as it had ideal reception for his international radio ham activity.  There’s always a bustle of activity at Hunstanton and the expansive views and skies are a constant pleasure.

Autumn visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Barrie.


A view from the beach at low tide.

Season: autumn

Known locally as “Sunny Hunny”, the two mile beach at Hunstanton faces west, enjoying magnificent, panoramic sunsets at any time of year.  The tide can go a mile out, allowing rock pools to appear around the groynes.  You can also walk along the top of the cliffs to the lighthouse and beyond.  These incredible cliffs stretch out for almost a mile, at some points sixty feet high.  This part of the beach is more rugged, with the rock pools just waiting to be explored.

Autumn visit photo gallery


John’s and Sandra’s appreciation of the beach.

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