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Season: winter

It was a peaceful morning at Trelissick Gardens beach for my winter return in January.  Having started the manonabeach series here, it was a time to reflect on the interesting people and views of the beach that I’ve encountered along the way.  This is a favourite interview from the series, as Jo seems so in tune with her surroundings.  You can see the first ever manonabeach interview at the bottom of the page.

Winter visit photo

Winter 2015 photo gallery


Jo, her son and dogs at Trelissick Gardens.

Callestock Courtyard


The beach at Trelissick Gardens, on a January morning.

Season: autumn

A combination of natural circumstances caused the flooding here at Channals Creek, part of the National Trust’s Trelissick Gardens Estate, south of Truro.  Spring tides, a southerly wind and low pressure had conspired to send the sea water over the wall, along with a buoy from Restronguet Sailing Club, further down the Carrick Roads at Mylor.  The chat with Julia was the 1,000th manonabeach video, filmed at the scene of the first video, on September 18th last year.  Thanks for watching!

Autumn visit photo gallery


Julia explains what the beach means to her.


The result of a high spring tide at Trelissick Gardens.

Season: spring

A chilly north wind sharpened proceedings for this spring wind, but Channals Creek at Trelissick Gardens was calm, under a high tide.  It was the Easter break and visitors mingled with locals on the nearby woodland walk at this National Trust property.  Staff had left the flotsam that had been washed in by the winter storms and repairs would be needed to the sea wall by the creek in due course.

Spring visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Robin.


By the water at Trelissick Gardens.

Season: winter

A pale winter light suffused the beach at Trelissick Gardens in the morning, for this seasonal re-visit.  The colour scheme was a palette of grey, black and white, with silver flickering on the calm water.  The tide had fallen away and the water’s edge afforded a fine view back to the big house and its rural setting, by the sea.  This National Trust property and its woodland walk are part of many locals’ morning routine, one of whom I interviewed on the beach.

Winter visit photo gallery


The beach as a place of activity.


A winter morning at Trelissick Gardens.

Season: summer

Trelissick Gardens became the first beach of the manonabeach series to complete a picture of all four seasons, here in Cornwall.  It was in fine form for this re-visit, tranquil in the sun on a falling tide.  There was enough gentle breeze for pleasant sailing without an engine, as you can see behind Amanda during her chat.

Summer visit photo gallery

Summer 2014 extra photo gallery

Summer 2015 extra photo gallery


Amanda explains what the beach means to her.


One of the best views in Cornwall, from the hillside at Trelissick Gardens, south to Carrick Roads and beyond.


On the waterline at Channals Creek in Trelissick Gardens.

Season: spring

Tranquility reigned for this spring re-visit to Trelissick Gardens beach, near Truro.  The sea was flat calm and I had the park largely to myself.  Returning to Cornwall, after a brief trip away in this case, is always special, a reminder not to take the exceptional beauty here for granted.

Spring visit photo


Sue’s take on the beach and the water beside it.


The morning light over Channals Creek, at Trelissick Gardens in Cornwall.

Season: autumn

The first manonabeach visit was to Channals Creek, here at Trelissick Gardens, on the beach below the main house.  The series was introduced here, with an explanation that viewers would see beaches and the characters who are using them during different seasons.  This beach is part of the National Trust Trelissick Gardens attraction near Truro, so has every facility to hand that you could want and more.  There are parking facilities, free for National Trust members, shops and extensive woodland walks within the Trelissick estate.  It is said that a previous member of the Lemon family, who owned Trelissick in the mining boom time of the early 19th Century, could walk to the centre of Truro from here on his own land.  Almost the entire wealth was subsequently squandered in one generation by a descendant!

First ever manonabeach film, at the beach below Trelissick Gardens, south of Truro in Cornwall.


First manonabeach interview, with Andy Richards, relaxing at the beach on a Sunday afternoon.

One thought on “Trelissick Gardens beach

  1. Liz at Callestock Courtyard

    What the beach means to me most of all is freedom! The vast expanse of soft sand when the tide fully retreats, spreads out before you as your eyes try to grasp the natural beauty of a freshly washed path to anywhere your mind wanders – nothing between you and nature as you watch the waves pounding towards you!


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