Towan beach, Roseland

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path SSSI National Trust Dog friendly Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: spring

This is a natural beach, without development and watched over by the National Trust.  A crescent-shaped, south east-facing beach, it’s spectacular in the morning, enabling a view from the Nare Head to the north, right round towards St Anthony Head in the south.  The flat surface of the beach catches seaweed and vegetation in its rock pools at low tide, a panoply of subtle greens, blacks, blues, yellows and browns.

A summer walk on the Roseland – photo gallery

Spring visit photo


Suzanne takes us back in time at Towan beach on the Roseland Peninsula.

St Antony-in-Roseland Cottages


The peace and quiet of Towan beach in the morning.

Season: summer

I arrived just before dawn for this re-visit.  Towan beach is natural, facing south east to greet the morning and always invites a visitor to stroll along its shore.  The beach is backed by small cliffs and the South West Coast Path, between Portscatho to the north and Porthbeor beach to the south.  On this occasion the sea had stacked the soft sand onto the higher reaches, leaving a small bank down to the flat lower reaches.  Another day, another beach, different on each visit.

Summer season photo gallery


The natural and sensory appeal of this beach for Bridget.


Dawn, by the sea on The Roseland Peninsula.

Extra winter visit photo gallery

Season: autumn

The high tide gave the arc of Towan beach the feel of Gugh in the Scilly Isles, across the bar from St Agnes, with its sweep round and natural feel.  There’s no development here; it’s so pure.

Autumn visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Richard.


A pleasant surprise visit for Lizanne and Simon.


The beauty of the Roseland Peninsula in the morning.

Season: summer

The crescent shaped Towan beach, on the Roseland Peninsula, was wrapped in a mild mist for this re-visit.  It felt like entering a secret world of sounds and smells, heightened by the damp air and enclosing mist.  Being on the beach seems to lead people’s eyes to the horizon but, when misty, the lack of perspective and distance draws your attention to the pebbles on the sand, the minutiae in the pools, the subtle sounds of the sea washing the rocks and the morning smell of a rising tide.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Roger at Towan beach.


Glen and Laura’s enjoyment of the beach.


Enveloped in mist, Towan beach on a misty summer morning.


The gentle action of the sea on the rocks at Towan beach, on the South Coast of Cornwall.

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