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Season: spring

A shimmering sun on a high tide lit the morning at Swanpool beach.  This town beach was already a hive of activity, with children being picked up for a school trip from the adjacent car park, runners, swimmers and kayakers already in action,  Kayaks were laid out ready for visitors and motorists commuted past, on their way to Falmouth for another day’s work.  There were smiles on faces and a warm breeze in the air.

Spring visit photo gallery


With David and Jill, at Swanpool beach.

Hotel Anacapri Limited


Hugo and his kayak.


The beach at high tide, from the beach huts.

Season: winter

A mild morning and a high tide were the order of the day for this winter re-visit to Swanpool beach in Falmouth.  I met swimmer Keith again and Gemma, who was running round to Gyllyngvase as part of a morning routine.  The recent storms had encouraged the tankers in Falmouth Bay to stay close to the shore.  It was a peaceful scene, with the natural beauty here as the focus, rather than the many visitors who throng this beach during the summer.

Winter visit photo gallery


What this beach means to Gemma.


A re acquaintance with swimmer Keith – see last winter’s visit below.


The tankers hug the shore in Falmouth Bay.

Season: spring

The easterly wind that greeted me for this early spring re-visit made a short, sharp sea, as the tide fell away.  At this stage of the tide run, the beach is quite steep and the waves resonated as they hit the sand and shingle, a flicker of the sound of Suffolk beaches.  At this time of year the beach seems to attract reflective beachgoers, the sea’s moods providing the particular focus.

Spring visit photo gallery


Janet’s sense of perspective.


The crashing waves, on an ebb tide.

Season: winter

Swanpool is a local beach for the people of Falmouth, so tends to figure in busy daily routines.  I chatted to a regular swimmer, who espoused the health benefits of his daily dips.  There are toilets, a beach cafe and fish restaurant all to hand, as well as Falmouth nearby.


My chat with Keith, who swims regularly at Swanpool beach.


The beach at Swanpool in Falmouth, on a January morning.

Season: autumn

The second of the Falmouth beaches, parking, toilets and a beach café are all close at hand.  The small beach has a fine view of Falmouth Bay with its big boats waiting for bunkers or orders.  Had a great chat with Brian, who was helping to move some beach huts off the beach at the end of the season.  Happy atmosphere at Swanpool, ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of Falmouth, which is close at hand for visitors wanting more action in town.


Swanpool beach, from the road by the beach.


A view of Swanpool beach from the waterline.


Chatting to Brian at Swanpool beach, before his work, in the morning.

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