St Just-in-Roseland

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Season: winter

Despite recent storms, the bright sunshine and tranquil atmosphere made this an idyllic place to visit.  On a low tide, walkers, locals and visitors alike were enjoying this tucked away corner of the beautiful Roseland Peninsula, many here to visit the iconic church by the water.  St Just has a spiritual depth and sense of calm that all visitors will enjoy.

Winter photo gallery


Barry and Sue explain what the beach means to them.

St Antony-in-Roseland Cottages


Bright sunshine at St Just.

Season: summer

It was a picture perfect summer morning for this visit, calm and tranquil, with the tide starting to fall back from its high water mark.  The high tide set the Bar and creek beyond in relief.  The summer meant the moorings here were well populated, with few boats on the hard standing.  The church threw a mirrored reflection onto the creek.  Its grounds are well maintained and a walk through the churchyard is a recommended approach to the creek and its view of Carrick Roads beyond.

Summer visit photo gallery


The familiarity of this beach to Max.


Craig appreciates his new surroundings.


A fine spot to be on a summer morning in Cornwall.

Season: autumn

I was talking to a prominent, long-standing local man about the area, families who live here and its history.  I was struck by his comment that, despite being a homeowner in the village, he had no sense of ownership, merely stewardship and belonging.  There can be an ethereal tranquility in this creek.

Autumn visit photo gallery


With Anna, by the water at high tide.  This was the four hundredth narrative in the manonabeach® series.


St Just-in-Roseland in the early morning.

Season: spring

This spring re-visit  to St Just in Roseland was on a calm morning.  Walking down past the church to St Just Bar, I chatted to Jo from Scilly, who works at Pasco’s boatyard and was mentioned by Julian in my earlier winter visit.  Jo pointed out the completed version of the boat shown in the boathouse, under construction on that previous visit, which was now at the water’s edge (pictured below).  It’s called Dogboat and is a tender to the yacht Charm of Rhu.  The low tide allowed me to film from the entrance to St Just Creek, looking out across Carrick Roads onto a peaceful scene.

Spring visit photo


With Jo on the Bar at St Just.


St Just Creek and the Carrick Roads, viewed from the beach at low tide.

Season: winter

At first light on a calm morning, St Just-in-Roseland had the feel of a Scottish sea loch, with waves lapping gently on the beach.  St Just Creek and St Just Bar are on the west side of the Roseland Peninsula, directly opposite Mylor Churchtown, above Falmouth and St Mawes.  The village has an attractive church and an atmospheric graveyard.  There are wonderful walks from here all the way to St Mawes.

Winter visit photo


My chat with Julian and Hugh at Pasco’s boatyard.


The peace and tranquility of St Just-in-Roseland at first light on a winter day.

2 thoughts on “St Just-in-Roseland

  1. Christopher Ledger

    I have known St.Just for over 60 years,my Father had 2 “punts” built there by Norman Benny, the then owner of Pascoe’s Boatyard. Both punts were beautifully built, one was carvel, the other – in the shape of an 1880 Pilot Cutters punt & 10ft, easily towed behind one of our bigger boats & beautiful to row in a choppy sea.
    We laid several of our boats up round in the Pool, with their bows close to the churchyard and on legs, snug from the winter gales. Norman, and then his son, would move them to near the black tarred shed on the Spit in late march/early April so that he and us – could work on them.
    As far as I know – certainly up to the end of the ’70’s all the local boats were built by eye – no plans – and the wood came from a 10 mile radius of local farms; this meant that all the curved parts like knees etc were “grown” rather than cut to the right shape.
    We had a number of cottages over the years in St.Mawes. Both my parents lie peacefully in the Churchyard – and I will surely follow them. I have travelled widely but St.Just is just THE most beautiful & peaceful place I know.

  2. Barbara and Mark

    The beach is a great place to unwind and watch the world go by.  There’s always something going on – either folks enjoying themselves or wonderful wildlife to watch.


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