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Season: winter

I returned to Restronguet Passage on a peaceful morning in February.  The sea was like glass and birdsong was all around me.  The scenery is exceptional here, bestowing a particular charm in the early morning, before most people are out and about.  The popularity of this part of Cornwall makes an off-season visit even more enjoyable.

Winter visit photo


The tranquility of Weir beach, at Restronguet Passage in Cornwall.

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Resident Deborah explains the enduring appeal of Restronguet Passage.

Season: winter

Restronguet Passage covers a varied stretch of crag and beach, from Weir beach, where I spoke to Samantha, up towards the Pandora Inn and the Carnon River beyond.  There’s always plenty to see here, whether you’re looking across to Turnaware beach and the Roseland Peninsula, or towards Restronguet Point itself.  The winding lane and path are tree-covered and feel secret, offering glimpses of outstanding natural beauty out to the water as you ramble along, plus on this occasion a rainbow, visible during the interview.  Highly recommended.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Samantha.


A changeable scene and the Pandora Inn, at Restronguet Passage

Season: spring

The low tide gave a chance to showcase Weir Beach, located just below Restronguet Barton village, alongside Restronguet Passage at the top of Carrick Roads.  You could see the boat houses by the water and a lone oyster dredger, working the end of the season.  It was a windy day, but the sun broke through in patches, throwing pools of light onto the sea.

Spring visit photo gallery


The appeal of the natural elements at the beach for Emily.


A view from the water’s edge at low tide, on Weir Beach at Restronguet Passage.

Season: spring

I got down to Restronguet Creek before the well-heeled lunch visitors to the newly refurbished Pandora Inn, whose roof was destroyed by fire just over a year ago.  The pub has been sympathetically restored, looking across to Restronguet Point, at the top of Carrick Roads, south of Truro.

Spring visit photo


With Lizzie, outside the Pandora Inn.


Restronguet Passage, viewed from the Pandora Inn.

Season: autumn

It felt quiet down at Restronguet Passage, with the famous Pandora Inn being re-roofed after a fire and not many people about on a dull October morning.  The beach looks across through the swinging moorings to the affluent Restronguet Point, at the top of Carrick Roads.  This is now a leisure waterway, very different to the industrial scenes of drag mining across the Carnon River hundreds of years ago.


The view from above Restronguet Passage, looking across to Restronguet Point.


On the waterline at Restronguet Passage,


A chat with Christopher, a passing walker, at Restronguet Passage.

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