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Season: winter

Recent storms that coincided with spring tides and an onshore wind had scattered kelp and other marine debris over the beach at Readymoney Cove for this winter re-visit. Several of the many visitors to Fowey gazed out to the open estuary from the beach, as people have done for countless generations.  While the town bustled, this was an oasis of calm, a place for reflection at the weekend.

Winter season photo gallery


What this and other beaches mean to Sylvia.


The aftermath of winter storms at Readymoney Cove.

Season: autumn

It was a breathtaking morning scene at Fowey’s Readymoney Cove, as the spring tide started to fall away.  The cove is at the mouth of the Fowey River Estuary, yet has its own secluded ambience.  As the autumn leaves started to fall, I could glimpse Readymoney Cove through the trees, as I climbed to St Catherine’s Point and the castle, to record my scene setting film.  Large shipping passed the estuary, but Readymoney Cove felt like a different world.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Rachel compares beaches at either end of the country.


Tom’s reference point as he works.


Looking back to Readymoney Cove, from St Catherine’s Point in the morning.

Season: summer

A serendipitous high tide, on a calm morning, showed Readymoney Cove in a different guise for this re-visit.  People were swimming and the cove was protected from boats by a boom.  There’s always a tranquil atmosphere here, a great beach, highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Wendy and Caroline, enjoying the nature of the beach.


Readymoney Cove, at high tide.

Season: spring

A sunny morning greeted me on my return to Readymoney Cove in Fowey.  At the estuary of the River Fowey, the Tudor St Catherine’s Castle still commands the entrance to Fowey, just above the beach.  There is a peculiar, detached romanticism about this place, tranquil, yet in immediate proximity to a busy town.

Spring visit photo


With Pat and Dave, explaining how the beach at Readymoney Cove has featured through their lives.


The beach at Readymoney Cove in Fowey, filmed from above.

Season: autumn

This is a charming beach and cove, positioned at the estuary of the Fowey River, on the Fowey side.  It has a well-to-do Riviera feel to it, with the grand town houses gazing down from above.  The little cottage at its head was lived in by Daphne du Maurier, during the Second World War.  It was low tide on my visit, so I could get out on the rocks, for a view back to the Cove.  I saw the Polruan ferry crossing in the sunshine and also out to sea from the estuary.  This place sets you at ease and encourages reflection and creativity.  Highly recommended.  Everything you need is in nearby Fowey.


A chat with Malcolm and Jacky at Readymoney Cove.


A view from the rocks at Readymoney Cove, at low tide.


The beach at Readymoney Cove in Fowey.

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    I enjoyed meeting you this morning, I love your website. I will spend happy times, with a glass of wine as you suggested! ‘visiting’ the beaches that you have been to, some I know, some new to me, most will tempt me to explore, either from this sofa or in person. All will ‘tell’ me something different, I hope my friends & family will enjoy your website too!


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