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Season: spring

A bright morning combined with a rising tide across Porthluney beach, sitting in front of Caerhays Castle.  Between the beach and Gull Rock, the sea shimmered with a silver tint, enticing people into the water, where three kayaks already surfed the waves.  The steep sides to the beach deny the deceptively wide expanse of sand here, a safe bathing beach with clean water, all year round.

Spring visit photo gallery


The beach as a sensory stimulus for Jo.
Bosinver cottages


A shimmering silver sea on a bright day at Porthluney beach.

Season: spring

As part of the Caerhays Estate, Porthluney beach has an idyllic setting, between the castle and the sea.  Located between the Dodman Point and the Nare Head, this coastline is some of the least spoilt on the Cornish coast.  The tide was out for this re-visit and I chatted to Dora about visits and times in L’Aber Wrac’h in Brittany, standing by the mussel beds on the exposed rocks.  It was a fine start to the day.

Spring visit photo gallery


Dora’s take on the beach.


Porthluney beach, from the shoreline at low tide.

Season: winter

There was an atmosphere of preparation and industry on the Caerhays Estate for my winter visit to Porthluney beach.  The beach cafe was being renovated and the Estate office and grounds were a hive of activity, in preparation for the coming visitor season.  I enjoyed the empty beach then chatted to carpenter Mark, who explained the significance of the beach within his lifestyle change, work and family values.


My chat with Mark on the beach.


Porthluney beach and Caerhays Castle.

Season: autumn

The tide rises deceptively quickly over the flat beach at Porthluney Cove, scattering into clouds the foraging birds on the sand at the water’s edge.  Tall pines cover traces of the headlands’ rough grazing partitions and the orchards that once decorated the cliff sides here.  Water thunders onto the beach from the swollen river behind, dissipating to wander languidly across the wide beach, down to the endless sea.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Coysh’s wandering has strengthened his bond to the beach.


Nature in the morning, on Cornwall’s South Coast.

Season: summer

A high tide greeted me for this summer re-visit to Porthluney beach, part of the Caerhays estate.  The waves probed the repaired sea defences and visitors were bunched up at the top of the beach, on the remaining strand of sand.  On both sides of the beach, waves danced along the black rocks on their way in to the beach.  The weather was windy but mild and the water temperature fine for swimming.

Summer visit photo gallery


Angela draws a parallel to the sea’s moods.


Craig and his children, enjoying the beach at Porthluney.


A high tide, on Cornwall’s South Coast.

Season: autumn

This is the beach below Caerhays Castle, where the first Williamsii camellia were propagated from Camellia japonica by Carolyn Williams.  The expansive beach has a large car park which was taking a battering at high tide during my visit on a stormy day.  Sea defences were being rebuilt as I watched.  There is a beach café and the grounds of Caerhays Castle at hand for the visitor.


Porthluney Cove beach on a stormy day.


A close-up of what the sea can do to man-made structures.


My chat with Alison, at Porthluney Cove beach.

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