Percuil Freshwater

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I was invited to the Freshwater Boatyard by its owner, Mark Humphrey, when we met at the St Mawes Sailing Club.  What a wonderful place this is to live and work, by the beautiful Percuil River and Freshwater beach.  The working boatyard is not generally open to the public, so it was a great privilege to chat to master boat builder, John Leach, in the workshop.


My first chat with Gawain and John, at the Freshwater Boatyard, on the Percuil River, near St Mawes.


A chance to look at the St Mawes One Design that John had originally built and was now renovating.


A panoramic view of the Percuil River, as seen from Freshwater beach.

One thought on “Percuil Freshwater

  1. Andrew

    The Percuil Beach is a particular favourite of mine as our house overlooks the Percuil Creek and the beach is the first one we see when we go for one of our pleasant evening walks down the creek. With the active boat yard it is a hub of activity with lots of things always happening


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