Pendower beach

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Season: spring

A serene sea and warm sunshine greeted me at Pendower beach for this spring re-visit.  The tide was half in, with lime green rocks still visible on the shoreline.  A river runs down to join the sea here.  This is an exquisite beach, highly recommended.

Spring visit photo


With Lesley, by the shore at Pendower beach.

Vose Farm Holiday Cottages


Helen and Ben explain what the beach means to them.

Season: winter

As the rising tide claimed back Pendower beach, the river down to the beach was in spate, adding recent storm water.  Bright sunshine lit the back of the beach, casting long shadows from its low winter trajectory.  Portscatho, to the west and the Nare Head, to the east, were clearly visible and it was still just possible to walk along to Carne beach.  This is a majestic, natural beach, spectacular and elemental.

Winter visit photo gallery


An important reference point for Ali.


A bright winter morning on Pendower beach.

Season: summer

A dawn re-visit to Pendower beach two days before the summer solstice showcased the moody, atmospheric elements here.  A lone dog walker accompanied me for this 5.15 a.m. sojourn.  The sky tends to the apocalyptic at the mildest of times on Pendower.  There was a wild, dark cloak of sky and sun over the beach at this time, yet the sea was placid and calm.  It was a wonderful sight and a sensation that remained with me long after the visit.

Summer season photo gallery


What this beach means to Michaela.


A high summer dawn at Pendower beach.

Season: winter

A low tide, mixed with a breaking dawn, made this an atmospheric return to Pendower beach, its scale emphasised by the open sand that connects it to Carne beach on any low tide.  Down by the water on a calm day, all eyes were drawn to the spectacular dawn colours around the Nare Head in the east.  There was noticeably more erosion since my last visit, the storms having eaten away at the soft cliffs behind the beach.

Winter visit photo gallery


The changes and variety that Debbie enjoys in the beach.


A fine vista at Pendower beach in the morning.

Season: summer

There’s an uncanny benevolence on this beach.  Its varied topology is also interesting, with trees, dunes, a river, eroded rocks, sand and the ocean all in close proximity.  Perhaps it’s this variety of sensory stimuli that evokes such a feeling of contentment here.

Summer visit photo gallery


Matt, Rosie and Sue explain what pulls them to the beach.


Pendower beach, on half a tide in the spring sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Pendower beach

  1. Joybaby

    For reference – High tide line is the point reached by the high tide. Anywhere between that and a house is private property. Anything below (toward the ocean) is public. You can’t have a private beach.

  2. Rachel

    Pendower is a dynamic beach as the stream changes course
    and alters the layout of the beach. In winter I love to paddle in my wellies
    and in summer its so close to visit and enjoy a swim and the wonderful
    views of the bay and Nare Head.


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