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Season: spring

A blustery easterly wind brought a short sea onto the beach for this re-visit to Maenporth beach.  The tankers sheltering in Falmouth Bay lined the horizon.  On an ebb tide, the arc of the beach here became apparent, edged by strong granite headlands, which give Maenporth an intimate, enclosed feel.

Spring visit photo gallery


Georgina looks out to sea, a familiar view.


Looking down on a falling tide at Maenporth.

Season: autumn

The south coast beaches of Maenporth, Swanpool, Gyllyngvase and Castle are within a stone’s throw of Falmouth, the most vibrant town in Cornwall.  Yet you can be in a wonderful natural environment in no time, before or after the working day.  It was very mild and misty for this visit, with a low tide and plenty of beach to enjoy.  The wistful autumn weather lent a poignancy to the gentle, lapping waves on the waterline.

Autumn visit photo gallery


John’s eulogy to the beach and Cornwall.


Maenporth beach, as seen from the South West Coast Path in the morning.

Season: summer

It was a calm and peaceful Maenporth beach for this morning re-visit, at the height of summer.  As the rising tide lapped against the beach, the boats in Falmouth Bay glistened under the new day’s sun. A scuba diver explored under the water and early morning beachgoers paddled on the waterline.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Russell, on the waterline at Maenporth beach in Falmouth.


Looking out to Falmouth Bay, from Maenporth beach.

Season: spring

The sun was still waiting to break through the morning haze for this seasonal re-visit.  The sea moved between grey and silver during my time on the beach.  Maenporth has a pleasing crescent shape to it, with the South West coast path connecting at either end and Falmouth Bay straight ahead.  The beach is widely used for morning exercise and to help people focus on the day ahead.

Spring visit photo


A regular beachgoer alludes to the enigma of the beach.


A hazy morning on Maenporth beach, with the day ahead to look forward to.

Season: winter

It was a a chilly end to January for my re-visit to Maenporth beach.  There was a short, easterly sea, firing high onto the beach.  I had a brief chat with George and scuttled off for some shelter.


At the waterline with George.


A hairy winter sea at Maenporth beach in Falmouth.

2 thoughts on “Maenporth beach

  1. Jayne

    When I was a child, living in Solihull I was lucky enough to holiday in Cornwall with my siblings and parents. The ‘Birmingham fortnight’ was always the first 2 weeks in August when all the factories shut down. We were bundled into the car at some un- Godly hour with our pillows and still in our jimmy jams because in those days it was a good 10 hour drive. Thus, my love affair with the beach was born. Some years it poured with rain – we camped near Looe and I can remember walking through the town to get fish and chips with the water going over our wellies because of flash flooding! Other years it was sunshine all fortnight! As a child, I could not understand the grown-ups obsession with the weather! Rock pooling, swimming, crab fishing off the quay and eventually sunbathing when I became an adolescent.

    I yearned to be by the beach and as soon as I could – 17 I think – I jumped on a bus and came down here.

    The beach means to me …… nature at her best. Storms last year saw landmarks in Cornwall that have been there for centuries destroyed and changed forever. A storm and a spring tide can take all the sand off the beach one day …… and dump it back on a few months later. The sea can take a man or a child’s life in the blink of an eye – we need to respect that and thank goodness we have the most amazing air- sea rescue team – big thanks to the Coastguard and RNAS Culdrose.

    But on a calm balmy day, how peaceful and tranquil – I am never happier than sitting on the beach watching the water ebb and flow. My thoughts meander, the world is put into perspective – how massive is our universe and how clever is nature. Tide and time waits for no man. Very humbling. I come home refreshed and a better person for being on the beach.

    Maenporth is a 5 minute drive from me – I am very blessed. I love this beach on spring tides – mid -day sees the sea way out so masses of beach to run wild on, paddle in the shallow warm waters and high tide it is right up to the road. I just love to take my granddaughter here – a very safe beach with great paddling! Unlike the other Falmouth beaches which have gritty sand, this one is really sandy with wonderful caves to explore. The Cove restaurant overlooks the beach where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch and chilled glass of Prosecco with award winning chef Arty Williams.


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