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Season: spring

There was bright morning sunshine for this spring re-visit.  Two Canadian canoes were preparing for a day paddling the creeks at the top of Carrick Roads and beyond.  I chatted to Peter about the rich history of people’s links to canoes and the beach.


Peter explains his passion and its history.


Early morning at Loe beach.

Season: winter

I returned to Loe Beach, several months after the September dawn visit during the Indian Summer in September 2011.  The uncanny tranquility and peace were still there, as you can see by comparing these two films to those below them, from September of last year.


Chatting to gig rower Michael at Loe beach, January, 2012.


Timeless tranquility at Loe beach, recorded in January, 2012, but it’s often like this first thing in the morning.

Season: summer

Tranquility and peace were the order of the day, at Loe Beach on a high tide.  The sea was calm, ideal for swimming and kayaking, which was already underway as I arrived.  This is also a wonderful beach to look out from, past the swinging moorings and the yachts in the summer.  You can see down to Falmouth and Pendennis Castle via Mylor Churchtown, then look across towards St Just in Roseland and Turnaware Point, on the Roseland Peninsula.  It’s a fine spot, ideal for those who live or work in Truro.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Matt, Lisa and family, on the waterline at Loe Beach.


The peace and tranquility of Loe Beach in the morning.

Season: autumn

Loe beach is the nearest beach to Truro, located in Feock, just south of the city.  It’s popular all year round, especially for boating folk, due to its location at the top of Carrick Roads and the presence of many swinging moorings.  There’s limited parking, plus an excellent beach café and toilets at the beach.  The Truro gig launches and practises from here.  During my early morning visit, it was eerily tranquil, the dawn sun painting a Turner-esque palette in the sky.  It’s very handy if you’re working in Truro and need to see the sea.


Early morning at Loe beach, Feock.


2nd in the series.


and the third in the series…


and the fourth…


and the fifth…


and finally.


My chat with Brian at Loe Beach.

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