Little Perhaver beach

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Season: winter

I filmed the scene-setting piece at high tide in the morning and returned to interview Amy six hours later, at low tide.  From the serene arrival of the Gorran Haven training gig in the morning, to the glassy reflection of the cliffs at low tide on the sand under the last bright light of the day, I could have been on two different beaches, such is the visual and atmospheric diversity of this universal place, where the air, land and sea meet.

Winter visit photo gallery


The beach at different times of life and at different times of day.


Little Perhaver, on a gentle high tide.

Season: spring

A bright blue day greeted me for this spring re-visit.  Despite the removal of the sand from the top of the beach in the recent storms, it was a tranquil scene at low tide.  Exposed rocks were covered in intricate tracery, rarely seen.  Evidence of cliff falls and erosion of the soft top soil and northern cliff lay all around the edge of the beach.  A spring tide was bringing the rarely accessible Great Perhaver beach and its ancient forest stumps into reach.  Highly recommended.

Spring visit photo gallery


How wildlife, nature and its elements combine here for Hilary.


On the waterline, peace and quiet at Little Perhaver beach.

Season: spring

A fine morning brought me to Little Perhaver beach in Gorran Haven, on a low tide.  There was a wide expanse of sand to enjoy, with people of all generations basking in the new day’s sun and promise.  The sun shone silver, with exposed rocks in sharp relief to the newly formed, golden beach.

Spring visit photo gallery


Paul’s reason for being on the beach.


With Ann, on the waterline at Little Perhaver beach.


A natural beauty, at low tide on Little Perhaver beach.

Season: winter

The sun was out, after a few grey days in Cornwall prior to this winter re-visit.  With the tide out, Little Perhaver beach looked stunning, as a counterpoint to the wide expanse of azure sky and cloud.  There was a silver band along the horizon, that framed the Gwineas rocks in the distance.  Chatting to Lucy put a spring in my step.

Winter visit photo


With Lucy, at Little Perhaver beach.


On the waterline, with the waves and the beach.


Little Perhaver, viewed from the top of the steps down to the beach.

Season: autumn

This is a charming, small beach, linked to Gorran Haven’s main beach at low tide.  Little Perhaver sits under steep, eroded cliffs, with precariously positioned houses above.  There are steep steps that lead down to it if you can’t get round from Gorran Haven beach and there are no facilities.  On a very low spring tide, you can walk round to Great Perhaver beach, to see the remains of a prehistoric forest in the beach.


The charm of Little Perhaver beach, viewed from above.


On the beach at Little Perhaver.

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  1. Kristi Hanna

    When you say Little Perhaver is dog friendly; do you mean that dogs are allowed if they are on th lead or that they can be off the lead? It’s hard to find this information but with an Irish setter it makes a big difference to us! Thank you!


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