Hemmick beach

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Season: spring

Bright sunshine greeted me on this spring re-visit to Hemmick.  As Giles explains below, the outstanding natural beauty of this part of Cornwall’s south coast owes much to the work of the National Trust.  Hemmick beach is a pleasure to visit at any time.  I recommend the path up through the woods to the Dodman Point, where you can see Iron Age and Napoleonic archaeology and history, as well as staggering views across to the Nare Head, or back towards Vault beach.

Spring visit photo


Giles’ eulogy to the conservation and husbandry of the National Trust, at Hemmick beach and beyond on Cornwall’s south coast.

Season: winter

Outstanding visibility was the order of the day for this return to beautiful Hemmick beach on the south coast of Cornwall.  Visitors could see all the way to the tip of the Lizard peninsula and the sky was bright blue.  The walk down from the National Trust car park at Penare is steep, but offers an outstanding panorama, drawing you down to the sandy beach.  It’s worth stopping on the steep return ascent to remind yourself of the unspoilt beauty and to frame a lasting image in your mind before you return.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Mark.


A bright blue day at Hemmick beach.

Season: spring

Clean surf crashed onto the beach at Hemmick for this spring re-visit.  The sky was blue, the weather warm and the sunshine bright in the morning sky.  As the tide turned inwards, odd weekending visitors started to settle for a restful day, collecting driftwood for their barbecues and stopping to gaze out over the waves, lost in their thoughts.

Spring visit photo gallery


Lindsey and David reflect on beaches and coastlines.


On the waterline at Hemmick in the morning.

Extra winter visit photo gallery

Season: autumn

One of Cornwall’s least spoilt beaches, nestled beneath the Dodman Point on the south coast of  Cornwall.  Hemmick always seems to attract healthy surf, despite its southerly aspect.  Access is from Penare village at the top of a steep road or from a few parking spaces next to the beach.  There are no facilities.  If you’re feeling energetic, I recommend the headland walk up to the Dodman, where there’s archaeology and history aplenty to enjoy, as shown by the films below of the Napoleonic Watch House.


Up to the Dodman Point above the beach, here’s part 1 of a snapshot of life in Napoleonic times.


…and here’s part 2, from the Watch House at Dodman Point.

Season: spring

This early morning re-visit showed the storm damage from the winter, with a significant cliff fall at the back of the beach.  Hemmick was stonier than on my previous visit, again due to the storms.  This morning was bright though, with blue sky and a silver sea, as languid waves lapped the shore.  It heralded a warm, sunny day on the south coast of Cornwall.

Spring visit photo gallery


A variety of uses for the beach.

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