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Season: spring

Gorran Haven basked in warm sunshine for this spring re-visit.  The recent storms had torn all of the sand from the top of the beach, but the sea was now as calm as a mill pond.  The low spring tide allowed easy access to Little Perhaver beach.  The headland between the two beaches had lost a good twenty metres of topsoil into the sea over the winter, exposing more hard granite and widening the view between the two beaches.

Spring visit photo gallery


A chance for Helen to reflect on the timeless appeal of this beach.

house on the beach


A beach panorama, from outside Cliff Cottage.

Season: summer

Although it was warm, a turbulent scene greeted me at Gorran Haven, for this stormy summer re-visit.  The beach was fairly deserted, on a falling tide, but one or two people looked out, mesmerised, from the harbour wall at the rolling breakers that pounded in relentlessly.  It was intoxicating.  Out at sea, grey clouds blended into the horizon.  The whole scene was at once rejuvenating and energising.

Summer visit photo gallery


Ernie’s association with the beach, through time and tide.


On the waterline, in the centre of a wonderful morning scenario.

Season: winter

I filmed the scene setting piece at high tide in the morning and returned to interview Dave six hours later, at low tide.  The high tide framed the harbour wall, with the sea lapping over the lower reaches of the wall.  At the other end of the beach, the usually expansive flat beach assumed the nature of a bay, with still water lapping the sea defences.  Changes, often daily, in the mood of all these wonderful beaches are some of the pleasures of return visits.

Winter visit photo gallery


A vital part of Dave’s leisure time.


The beach at high tide.

Season: autumn

I visited Gorran Haven on a blistering hot Sunday.  The beach was packed but there was a tranquil, contented atmosphere, with lots of children playing in the river and making sandcastles.  It felt like a family beach, used by locals and visitors alike.  The harbour is scenic, with a car park in the village and plenty of shops, toilets etc.  This is an ideal choice for a day out, with everything at hand and a breathtaking setting.


Looking down to Gorran Haven beach, from the South West Coast Path.


On the waterline in Gorran Haven at low tide.


A lazy spin round from above the beach, on a warm Sunday at Gorran Haven.

Season: spring

This was a chance to enjoy Gorran Haven in bright sunshine, with a high tide and a blue sea, that filled the harbour.  A welcome break from recent inclement easterlies had restored the little harbour to its usual benign character, as weekending visitors enjoyed the sunshine once more.  This beach has a timeless quality, as testified by Jane in our chat.  It feels like time has stood still in Gorran Haven, always a sheer pleasure to visit.

Spring visit photo gallery


Jane’s appreciation of the beach and the village.


The view from the harbour wall at Gorran Haven.

Season: spring

This early morning visit was marred by an edgy easterly sea.  Although the tide was falling, the short sea spat at the rocks between Gorran Haven beach and Little Perhaver.  The harbour wall offered little protection to the lone fishing boat at anchor.

Spring visit photo gallery


White horses decorate the sea, as it crashes against the rocks.

Season: winter

It was a mild, wet return to Gorran Haven in January.  The beach was peaceful and quiet, with a fishing boat bobbing in the bay.  This is an unspoilt village, retaining a strong sense of community and belonging, as you can hear in the interview with Elaine.


Chatting to Elaine, behind the Sail Loft at Gorran Haven beach.


A January morning, at Gorran Haven on the Roseland Peninsula.

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