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Season: spring

A welcome return to high pressure, blue skies and sunshine was the order of the day for this spring re-visit to Castle beach in Falmouth.  It was early morning, with Pendennis Castle back-lit on its headland and the sun bathing Castle and Gyllyngvase beach, plus a rising tide.  This is a wonderful natural resource for the busy townsfolk of Falmouth, a flavour of the natural environment right on their doorsteps, with fine views out to Falmouth Bay and beyond.  Highly recommended.

Spring visit photo gallery


A resourceful morning routine for John.

Hotel Anacapri Limited


A bright start to the day at Castle beach.

Season: autumn

Falmouth is a great town.  It offers beautiful nature on its doorstep and a vibrant cultural centre.  The intoxicating blend attracts creative and innovative young people to this part of the county, often via the emerging Falmouth University.  It’s interesting that the enhancing effect of the beach is complementary to the lively social scene on offer here, as articulated by Hannah, below.

Autumn visit photo gallery


How the beach fits into Hannah’s life.


The beach as a reference point for Dan, in a mobile world.


Looking down on Castle beach, from below Pendennis Castle.

Season: summer

Dark, foreboding clouds loomed over Falmouth and Castle beach during this early evening re-visit.  After a spell of sunshine and high pressure, there was a sense of change in the air.  On a low tide, families were rock pooling with nets, while other enjoyed an evening tipple, some chatting and some gazing questioningly out to the horizon, a familiar sight on any beach.

Summer visit photo gallery


Adam explains his dreamworld, in company at the beach.


Above Castle beach in Falmouth, as the weather draws in.

Season: spring

On St Piran’s Day, the beach was bathed in early morning light for this re-visit.  The sea on Falmouth Bay was flat calm and prospects were good for the day.  To my left, Pendennis Castle watched over the beach, while Falmouth itself started its daily routine behind me.  All was well with the world.

Spring visit photo


Dawn and Jeannie, at Castle beach in Falmouth.


The early morning light, at Castle beach in Falmouth.

Season: winter

This beach is a long sliver of sand running from under Henry VIII’s Pendennis Castle round towards Gyllyngvase beach in Falmouth.  You can park immediately above the beach on the sea front, and there are easy steps down to the beach.  There are shops and all that Falmouth has to offer, right next to the beach.  It’s a good beach to visit for a quiet view of Falmouth Bay and across to the Helford Estuary.  I also saw cormorants drying their wings on a wet, grey day.  Falmouth is a fine choice for a meal and a night out too, by the way.


A chat with Michael under Pendennis Castle, on Castle beach.  He says it all…



Falmouth Bay, viewed from Castle beach on a quiet morning.

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    Castle beach is relaxing, a calm place with outstanding views for all, to unwind before or after leisurely fun with family and friends.


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