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Season: winter

Carne beach always looks spectacular at low tide, as was the case for this re-visit.  Dawn light was emerging behind the Nare Head in the east and the falling tide left a sheen on the pristine beach.  This is a flat beach, which increases the sense of space, but there are plenty of rock pools at the eastern end of the beach to enjoy too.  Dramatic winter storms had impacted on the soft cliffs behind the beach, since my last visit.

Winter visit photo gallery


The relaxing effect of the beach.

Hay Barton B&B


Carne beach, on a winter morning.

Season: winter

Mild weather and a high tide greeted me for this morning winter re-visit to Carne beach.  As the sun came over the Nare Head, it lit the waves on the upper reaches of the beach and the arcing strand, right round to the end of Pendower beach in the west. This was a calm period between winter storms, with debris stacked under the sea wall and kelp laid across the road from the recent onslaught.  It was a vibrant environment in which to start the day.

Winter visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Gareth.


High tide at Carne beach.

Season: autumn

The seasonal wheel turns now, from summer to autumn.  Mornings like this, with a frenetic mixture of the two, are commonplace.  It was warm, but there was a precocious breeze that gusted through the scudding black and grey clouds.  The white tops of the waves were emphasised by the grey tones around them.  This is a time in Cornwall, between the summer and autumn visitors, which reflects the seasonal change.

Autumn visit photo gallery


What Norma loves about the beach.


A time of seasonal change, from the waterline at Carne beach.

Season: summer

The summer solstice brought a wet, grey day to Carne, so the colours were subtle and blended, on the ebb tide.  It’s a flat beach, suited to gentle strolling, as preferred by my interviewees, Alan and Enid.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Alan and Enid, on the beach at Carne.


Viewed from the road above the beach, Carne beach on the longest day.

Season: spring

As the seasons change, the gaze of people I pass on the beach moves from the sand and the waterline, out towards the sea and the horizon.  A gentle southerly breeze offers reassurance that summer is on its way.  Evidence of the violent erosion to the cliffs at Carne seems unfeasible.  All is new, hopeful and restorative, as both of today’s interviewees testify.

Spring visit photo


A reflection on the different Cornwall beaches and their restorative effect.


The energy of the beach rejuvenates a landlocked visitor.


A warm breeze and sunshine, to greet the new season.

Season: winter

I visited Carne beach an hour or so after a high spring tide.  I could see the Nare Head to my left, with Pendower beach just out of reach to the west and the excellent, traditional Nare Hotel behind the beach.  This is a fine beach for swimming or a morning walk, with its southerly aspect and handy parking, just by the beach.  You’ll find it signposted, along with Pendower beach, from the village of Veryan on the Roseland Peninsula.


My chat with a young family on New Years Eve, at Carne beach on the Roseland Peninsula.


Carne beach, as seen from the road.

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