Prussia Cove

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Season: spring

If you park at the top of the hill, next to the big house with the turrets on the tower, then walk down the lane to Kings Cove early in the morning, I dare you not to feel the pioneering spirit of old that still hangs in the air at Prussia Cove.  This is an extremely creative place, by turn inspiring and threatening.  It was no surprise, then, when I ran across a member of the International Musicians Seminar, who pitch up to play together here twice a year, from all over the world.  You can learn more about Jenna’s work at her website.

Spring visit photo


With musician Jenna, above Bessy’s Cove.

Cuddan Rose


Atmosphere and drama, at Prussia Cove.

Season: summer

Looking west, just above the Lizard Peninsula, was the Atlantic Ocean, in all its splendour for this re-visit.  I spoke to a fisherman, who emphasised the enhancing effect of the beach’s natural stimuli.  The sun was out and all was well at the weekend.

Summer visit photo


With a fisherman, on the rocks by the Atlantic, explaining the pull of the sea and its sounds.


Looking out west to a fishing boat.

Season: winter

This part of the Cornish coast looks West from the Lizard Peninsula, located between Praa Sands to the South and Marazion to the West.  Essentially a headland comprising Kings Cove, Bessy’s Cove and Piskies Cove, Prussia Cove has a tradition of derring-do and smuggling.  There’s a walk down a lane from the car park, and no shops or toilets to be found down here.  It’s a magical place, highly recommended.


A snapshot of Old Cornwall.

One thought on “Prussia Cove

  1. Kate

    Offering immeasurable space, the beach stirs the mind, body and soul unlike any other location. The freedom it provides to run, play or just meander can be found nowhere else.

    The sights, smells and sounds are unique. They are held in the memories of any child who has dipped their toes in the lapping waves, skimmed a pebble across the surf, or encountered the joy of melting, sand covered ice cream, dripping down their chin.

    Proposals are written in the sand by hopeful young men, dogs leap like racehorses across the dunes. The day’s worries are washed away like the broken shells caught in the swell. The beach gives us time to reflect, to be inspired, to enjoy.


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