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Season: winter

Porthoustock has a fine industrial heritage, as explained by interviewee Tracy and Dudman’s quarry is still busy, with regular visits from bulk carriers to collect aggregates.  The harbour sits next to Falmouth Bay, an excellent location for international maritime traffic.  Tracy explained how her grandfather had fallen into the sea from the top of the old quarry building, emerging safely, his main concern being whether his tobacco was still usable.

Winter visit photo gallery


The harbour and quarry as part of Porthoustock’s heritage.


All quiet at Porthoustock.

Season: winter

It was a bright day at Porthoustock for this winter re-visit.  Houses and shops were being renovated and tidied up during this quiet time of year.  Dudman’s Quarry continued industriously in the background, preparing aggregates for their journey to the Baltic and beyond.  Back from the beach, the village slumbered in the mellow light of a winter’s day.

Winter visit photo gallery


Jane takes the air in Porthoustock.


A bright winter’s day at the beach in Porthoustock.

Season: summer

My re-visit to Porthoustock coincided with the arrival of the bulk carrier “Thames”, docking for aggregates at Dudmans West of England Quarry jetty.   There’s an industrious, welcoming feel to the fishing village and a proud heritage of life saving, particularly from the lethal Manacles rocks, as witnessed by interviewee Henry, showing me around the Old Lifeboat House and its records.  Amongst these were some hand carved sail patterns on boats, by Tim Connor, which you can see in the photo gallery, below.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Henry, in the Old Lifeboat House.


Why Barry is at the beach.


The bulk carrier “Thames” docks at Porthoustock.


A fortuitous time to arrive on the beach at Porthoustock.

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