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Season: spring

This early morning re-visit coincided with bright sunshine, that had started to burn off the morning mist.  Heavy dew on the cliff-side grass provided the counterpoint to the clear air, full of the scent of wild garlic.  Sea pink and primroses abounded and I photographed a transient snail on the coast path (see link to photos below).  There was a spring in the step of those that I met, including interviewee Dawn, for whom this is a special place.

Spring visit photo gallery


The importance of the Lizard to Dawn.


A bright start to the day at Lizard Point.

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Season: autumn

Bright sunshine greeted me for this trip to the end of the Lizard, at the most southerly Point in Britain.  The tide crashed against the rocks, as gulls, crows, jays and a lone chough circled above the fields next to the cliffs.  This part of the county has different geology to the rest of the Lizard and Cornwall, hence the serpentine you find in caves nearby, at Kynance Cove.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The appeal of the rocks and the sea to John, here at Lizard Point.


A bright autumn morning at Britain’s most southerly point.

Season: summer

It was a fine summer’s morning for this re-visit.  On a high tide, gulls congregated on the first landfall at the most southerly point of these islands.  A seal bobbed up at the inlet next to the cafe and the choughs were still in their sea caves.  I walked towards the Housel Bay Hotel, past the brilliantly situated youth hostel by the Lizard lighthouse, to catch the action of the sea against the rocky shore.

Summer visit photo gallery


With Kate and her appreciation of the beach.


Along from Lizard Point, enjoying the sea in the morning.

Season: spring

The early morning sun was bright, against a falling tide.  The low light set the protruding rocks in relief, the clean shadows sharp against the blue sea at the Point.  I walked round to Housel Bay to enjoy its outstanding setting, deep below imposing cliffs that the sun blinked over from the east.  The falling tide created the surreal effect of being in a pleasure dome, with mine the first feet on a virgin beach, a natural high.

Spring visit photo gallery


With Lauren and Peter at Lizard Point.


Margaret’s routine in Cornwall.


As far south as it gets.


The magnificent beach at Housel Bay, in the morning.

Season: winter

The sun was shining once again, for my winter re-visit to the Lizard Point in Cornwall.  I could see way out to sea, but this time I took the opportunity to take the short walk round to the wonderful Housel Bay, with its hotel sitting romantically above the beach.  I chatted on the terrace to an Austrian visitor, Manfred, then Alfie, the proprietor, and I went down to the beach, to learn why it’s so special for him.


With hotelier Alfie on Housel Bay beach, next to the Lizard Point.


Chatting to Manfred, an Austrian visitor, on the terrace of the Housel Bay Hotel on the Lizard peninsula.


Another view of Lizard Point.


Looking south from the Lizard, at its southerly extremity.

Season: autumn

Lizard Point, the most southerly land in Britain, has a small beach next to the old lifeboat house.  All around the beach are reasons to visit, from the serpentine shops and Polpeor café to the seals, choughs and adders that you can find in the area.  The Lizard lighthouse is spectacular, and you have easy access to Bass Point, the Lloyds telegraph building and the Marconi wireless hut, as well as the wonderful coast path.  There are toilets and all facilities to hand, plus a wonderfully located Youth Hostel.  You can even walk easily to the Lizard village, where Ann’s Pasties are some of the best you can get.  A great place for a visit.


Interview with Peter of Polpeor Cafe, the most southerly cafe in Britain.


Interview with Ed & Rebecca at the Lizard.


The garden of the Lizard lighthouse.


Another view of the Lizard lighthouse.  This is the last bit of our island you see when you’re sailing South to France and beyond.


Down on the waterline at Lizard Point.


The Lizard Point and its beach.

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  1. Alfie

    Growing up in the city, I rarely got to spend time at the beach, however working and living so close to the beach now, is such a privilege for me, especially one as beautiful and unspoiled as Housel Bay, the views really are out of this world…


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