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Season: winter

A fine winter sun shone through at Coverack for this re-visit.  The bay is ideal for swimming and the high tide was just falling back.  It’s an interesting beach from a geological perspective, like much of the Lizard Peninsula.  As you look north, the headland is made of Gabbro, from the earth’s crust, then walking south along the beach is like journeying to the centre of the Earth, the opposite headland being made of what is now Serpentine, from the mantel lower down.

Winter visit photo gallery


The beach resonates through generations for Nanette.


Coverack in the sunshine, on a high tide.

Season: winter

The tide was high and the sea was calm for this winter re-visit. The recent storms and wet weather had caused subsidence of the bank next to the beach, so the main road into Coverack was closed and sandbags were temporarily protecting the sea wall.  The village was predictably quiet, the harbour a fine sight at high tide.

Winter visit photo gallery


The appeal of beaches far and wide to Brian.


A peaceful scene at high tide.

Season: summer

On a bright August morning, the secluded bay at Coverack looked spectacular.  This is a great swimming beach and has a charming harbour, still used for inshore fishing.  On an ebb tide, with the beach well covered in sand for this visit, the scenery was stunning, looking out to the bay and a clear morning sun.

Summer visit photo gallery


Tim’s love of the beach and Cornwall.


On the waterline as the day begins.

Season: spring

The fishing village of Coverack sits between Kennack Sands and Porthoustock, on the eastern side of the Lizard peninsula, in its own small bay.  It has a strong resident population and sense of identity.  All facilities are available and close at hand.  The old fishing harbour is scenic, below the Paris Hotel.

Spring visit photo


With local girl Barbara, proud of her village and background.


A languid sea playing on the beach at Coverack.

Season: autumn

Coverack had an “alive” feeling when I arrived first thing in the morning, with people off to work or school.  The frames for the Christmas lights were being put up and the easily accessible beach was usable, on a low-ish tide.  I walked round to the old harbour to chat with two semi-commercial fishermen, who were on their way out to sea.  Coverack is well worth a visit at any time of the year, not defined by tourism alone.


Leaning over from the top of the harbour steps to chat with Ian and Tim at Coverack harbour.


Down on the waterline at Coverack beach, as the sun comes up and the fishing boats go out.


Early morning at Coverack, from the car park.

Season: spring

Low tide allowed walking access to the harbour at Coverack for this seasonal re-visit.  An exposed Victorian cannon anchored the chains for the boats’ moorings.  The sand here is white when exposed by the tide’s movement.  The village feels vibrant and welcoming, with visitors and locals mingling happily, as the interview illustrates.

Spring visit photo gallery


Leisure in the spring time at Coverack.


A view from the beach at low tide.

Season: winter

A lively easterly wind and a rising tide added spice to the beach for this winter re-visit.  This is one of the safest and most sheltered swimming beaches in Cornwall (see Barbara’s interview (above), but the waves and current were lively on this rare combination of weather circumstances.  A bright, low sun lit the sand, as dog walkers, locals and visitors enjoyed the natural beauty of the beach and the characterful fishing harbour and shops.  Highly recommended.

Winter visit photo gallery


Olivia’s village initiative.


A widely traveled road for Jannina.


On the beach at Coverack.

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