Talisker Bay

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Season: summer

The walk to the beach from Talisker House is one of the most beautiful approaches you could imagine, particularly in high summer, as was the case on this re-visit.  The glen draws you down to the sea and a sense of anticipation is unavoidable.  The impact on arrival is ancient, volcanic and elemental.  the beach can often showcase black sand as a result, but on this occasion it was mixed with grey.  It feels like you’re in a cauldron of dynamic creation, wonderful.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Heather.


A view from behind the beach at Talisker Bay.

Season: summer

The beach at Talisker Bay is best seen at low tide, sporting a mixture of stones and sand.  A sharp-sided sea stack guards one end of the bay and there’s a waterfall on the vertical cliffs at the other side, making this a highly charged natural setting, at the foot of the Cuillin Hills.  Highly recommended for its sunsets, due to the atmospheric rocks and its westerly aspect.

Summer visit photo gallery


Two perspectives on the beach, from Jane and Jim.


The volcanic beach at Talisker Bay.

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