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Season: summer

Located in the North East corner of Skye, Staffin Bay has a fine example of the crofting strips that used to be commonplace in such parts of Scotland.  There’s older history too, with fossilised dinosaur footprints visible at low tide.  The spectacular Quiraing dominates the skyline beside the bay and beach, excellent for atmospheric walks to The Prison and The Needle, as well as for climbing.  This is a relatively unspoilt corner of a popular island.  Highly recommended.

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What the beach means to Michael.


Low tide at Staffin Bay.

Season: spring

It’s well worth the trip down the bay side lane at Staffin Bay, when the tide is out.  Firstly, there’s a soft, volcanic sandy beach to enjoy, studded with rounded and sparkling boulders.  There’s evidence of a Stone Age dwelling here too and the eagle eyed can spot fossilised dinosaur footmarks in the rocky shelf of the beach, by the low tide mark.  With the Quiraing as a backdrop, it’s easy to feel that you’ve slipped into distant times.

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A simple eulogy from Andreas.


The beach at Staffin Bay.

Season: summer

Staffin Bay has one of the few sandy beaches on Skye.  Looking out across The Minch to Staffin Island, there are fine views and you can take boat trips to see the seals offshore.  The Trotternish Peninsula features stunning mountain walks in this area, with evocative names such as The Quiraing and The Prison, in the hills behind Staffin village, the beach and its bay.  The gentle shelf of the beach makes this a family friendly option, ideal for days out and paddling.

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Prospects that include the beach.


A view from above Staffin Bay, in the morning.

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  1. Anne

    I have spent my whole life yearning to live by the sea, as its beauty and power put life in perspective for me. Staffin beach particularly inspires this sense of awe, with its amazing backdrop of the Quairaing and the Trotternish ridge. Wild and rocky mountains drop down to meet the crash of endless waves.


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