Scaristavore beach

View map of beach Parking available Dog friendly Good water quality for swimming

Season: spring

Scaristavore is wider and less deep than the next beach to the north, Borve and less expansive than Scarista, which is adjacent to the south.  Like its neighbours, it is outstandingly beautiful, with access via a standing stone at one end of the beach.  Another feature here is the collection of rock pools at the northern end of the beach.  Highly recommended.

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On the beach at Scaristavore.

One thought on “Scaristavore beach

  1. Margaret

    The beach is the edge of my world.
    Holding the ocean at bay when vast breakers crash against the shore
    Leaving a turmoil of shells ground into a fine salty foam
    The roar of breakers on a calm moonlight night
    Bring back other times of childhood ,exile ,longing ,gaelic songs
    Returning like the waves themselves
    To memories more precious than gold.

    A well known Gaelic song captures it all – An Ataireachd Ard –The eternal song of the sea.


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