Scarista beach

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Season: spring

This is among the most southerly of the west-facing South Harris beaches, all of which are part of the South Lewis, Harris and North Uist National Scenic Area.  The beach comprises a vast area of pristine sand.  It is approached over sand dunes and via machair that is decorated with colourful wild flowers in the summer.  There are always shells on the beach.  They are carried onto the machair, breaking up and providing valuable minerals for the wild flowers.  Highly recommended.

Spring visit photo gallery


Patricia’s natural affinity for the beach.


An atmospheric beach, on a stormy day.

Season: summer

Scarista is the largest of the string of South Harris beaches that face west into the Atlantic.  There are extensive dunes and machair behind the white, sandy beach.  The turquoise sea gives a sense of otherness and adventure to the visitor, inviting one to dive in and explore beneath the waves.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


Leena’s take on the beach.


A view from the dunes behind Scarista beach.

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  1. Tim

    Thank you for your visit to Scarista and I’m so sorry I didn’t have time to talk to you; but I think Patricia did a better job than I would have. Haste he back. Tim


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