Northton beach

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Season: spring

Northton beach, also known as Traigh an Thaoibh Tuath,  is large and sits at the southern end of Scarista beach, but there are also four small south-facing beaches in the immediate area that appear like hidden jewels on the coastline.  The beaches are regularly visited by otters, seals and other marine life.  A notable resident was the Professor of Natural History, William MacGillivray and the area is well known for its bird life.  This is an exquisite beach environment.

Spring visit photo gallery


On Beach #2 at Northton with artist Suzan, sheltering in the dunes.


A stormy day on the beach at Northton.


A Netherlands perspective from the Sound of Harris, by Northton’s beaches.

3 thoughts on “Northton beach

  1. Chris

    Most visitors coming from an t-Ob stop when this view appears – and little wonder! Quite apart from the breath-taking colours of the sand and the sea, there is something very satisfying about the shape of the bay nestling between the two hill-slopes, and the way the tidal stream wanders its way to the Atlantic. On a sunny day, between the sky, the sea and the river, one realises how inadequate the word “blue” really is!

  2. Suzan

    The beaches of Harris, especially the four Northton beaches, give me the feeling of being where I belong; these beaches are my safe home, opening up my spirit. When I am there every day, maybe for just 5 minutes, it gives me timeless happiness, they are the breath of my life. Is it so strange then, to give up my homeland, where we lived like ants in a city and live a simpler life so close to the sea, breathing clean energy, to paint, to garden, to teach, to walk, to love, to…?

  3. Colin

    Standing on these beautiful, often empty beaches at Northton gives me a sense of great energy. It is not always peaceful, it is rarely the same as last time, but it is always very present and immediate. Just standing and watching waves, sand patterns, foam, racing seabirds, the hill with blue sky and ever changing cloud colours,  races through all of the senses and brings  you back to here and now.


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