Mellon Udrigle beach

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Season: summer

I know that Mellon Udrigle has remained unspoilt for over 50 years, but I imagine that it has looked this way for a lot longer.  There’s a primeval feel here, with a granite backdrop and islands visible out to sea.  A river runs to the sea, so it’s a fine beach for families with young children.  The flat surface makes this a popular launch site for kayaks too.  In short, there’s something for every lover of the natural world here at Mellon Udrigle.

Summer visit photo gallery


An personal perspective from Chris.


What the beach means to Ray.


Behind Mellon Udrigle’s beautiful beach.

Season: summer

Mild weather greeted me for this summer trip to Mellon Udrigle.  The powdery white sand in front of the dunes carried the footprints of both children on holiday and watersports enthusiasts, kayaking in the bay. There’s a timeless backdrop here, with odd houses scattered behind the macchair, resonating with the indigenous crofting tradition in these parts.  Children slid down the dunes at the back of the beach, as they must have done for generations.  A special place indeed.

Summer visit photo gallery


Neil, Kathleen, Calum and Duncan, at the beach.


On the beach at Mellon Udrigle.

Season: summer

The beach at Mellon Udrigle is isolated, unspoilt and placed in an inspirational setting.  It faces north west, in the lea of the prevailing winds and has steep dunes behind a white strand of beach.  There are spectacular views, via Gruinard Island and the Summer Isles, across to the hills of Assynt and Sutherland.  This is a special place, unchanged through time and highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


A sense of well-being, afforded by the beach.


A view from behind the beach on a stormy day.


By a river that runs to the sea, across the beach at Mellon Udrigle.

One thought on “Mellon Udrigle beach

  1. Ballal

    The beach brings back memories of the old dog who is no longer with us. He would march along the tide line full of purpose – though avoiding any contact with the water and create short lived patterns along the sand with his enormous paws.

    I’m reminded of the short time we have here and often in bursts of childlike inspiration I’ll grab some driftwood and draw my own mark on the sand. Perhaps a heart, a house, a face or a dog.

    The beach is nostalgic, fuels creativity but it also brings focus and clarity. Many a decision has been made on stretches of rugged, beautiful and isolated Scottish beaches with the white noise of the surf and wind.


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