Huisinis beach

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Season: summer

The spectacular approach to Huisinis beach whets the appetite for the pleasure to come.  You drive along a scenic, twisting fourteen miles long lane.  Spectacular Amhuinnsuidhe Castle guards the approach, with canons pointing seaward.  The beach itself is no disappointment, featuring white sand and backed by cropped grass.  If you stroll over the back of the hill, more visual splendours await, which on this occasion included a view to St Kilda on the horizon.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Dave.


A view towards Huisins beach from the headland approach.


The scene behind the beach at Huisinis.


A German perspective on the beach from Isa.

Season: spring

If you want stunning beauty in an isolated setting, this could be the place for you.  Huisinis beach sits at the end of a long single track road in the southwest of North Harris.  It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty, with excellent sea trout and salmon fishing.  On the way to the beach, you pass Amhuinnsuidhe Castle and there are just a few houses by the beach itself.  Across the isthmus is the island of Scarp, the site of an experimental rocket postal service.

Spring visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Katrina, Stuart (and Findlay).


A view from beside the beach at Huisinis.


A view from above both beaches at Huisinis.

One thought on “Huisinis beach

  1. Christina

    Huisinish is my happy place.  In beautiful weather, it’s the only place I want to be – enjoying the white sands, turquoise seas and relative tranquility.  In wild, stormy weather it’s the best place to experience the Atlantic rollers, the wind in your hair and the shifting sands and debris brought in from the sea.  In summer we share it with those who come in awe of the beauty, in winter we enjoy having it to ourselves.  It holds memories that our family will always hold dear – our first kiss, our engagement party, our son’s 1st birthday party, gatherings with friends and family, solitary moments watching the eagles, divers, porpoises, basking sharks or plovers going about their business, watching the sun go down and lying in a tent listening to the waves roll onto the shore.  The beach may be ever changing, but our feelings towards it will remain the same.


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