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Season: summer

The Singing Sands at Gortenfern are accessed by a walk around Kentra Bay and then via a pine and Sitka Spruce plantation, sprinkled with foxgloves, wood sorrel and mosses.  It’s a natural wonderland on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.  The beach itself is backed by heath and features rocky outcrops and fine views across to the Small Isles.  Whilst beachcombing here, you may hear the eponymous sound of the sands, if there’s a slight breeze.  Nature abounds, featuring diving ducks, cormorants and seals.  Highly recommended,  including the surrounding area and the approach to the beach, around Kentra Bay.

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Alice reflects on the beach here.


An isolated Highlands beach.

One thought on “Gortenfern beach

  1. Sue

    Living on the north coast of Ardnamurchan, one gets used to the beauty of the place and its beaches. Gortenfern is so peaceful and tranquil, just as the creator made it. A place to walk and think as you kick the golden sand through your toes and listen to the singing noise it makes at the same time, a place to wonder who also walked these sands hundreds of years ago.


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