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Season: spring

Tripadvisor has rated the beaches of Lewis and Harris to be the best in Europe, bar none. Dalmore is the larger of the two beaches here, the other being Dalbeg, with “mhor” meaning “large” and “beag” meaning “small” in Gaelic.  Both are situated just north of Carloway, on the west side of Lewis.  Dalmore is the better surfing beach of the two, with experienced riders using the dangerous rip tides for a ride out back.  It’s also sandy and has better parking.  Dalbeg is more intimate, away from any hustle and bustle, with rounded, stratified boulders at the back of the beach.  The Atlantic rollers here are nevertheless spectacular, as they erupt against the rocky headlands in the bay.

Spring visit photo gallery


Rhoda’s eulogy to a beach that is precious to her.


The beach at Dalmore.


By the water’s edge at Dalbeg Bay.


Looking back from the cliffs to the beach at Dalbeg, on the Isle of Lewis.

3 thoughts on “Dalmore / Dalbeg beach

  1. Neil

    In order to appreciate the magic of those beaches Dalmore and Dalbeg,  you really have to visit and spend time absorbing their beauty and amazing scenery – ever changing as the tide ebbs and flows.  It is truly a magical setting and a perfect place just to relax and let any stress melt away.  Activity wise, Dalmore is the perfect location and with the most spectacular surf in the Hebrides, why not then follow the West Side Heritage Trail that will then take you to Dalbeg, the smaller of the two, but bathers should be careful, because of strong tides and undertow.

  2. Rhoda

    As well as being a great place to visit,  Dalmore is the largest of the two beaches and holds a very special place in my heart; not only is it a truly magical spot,  but it also has a cemetery, where loved ones from 3 generations have been laid to rest.  Dalmore is a must for the experienced surfer.  Dalbeg, further North, is a very beautiful spot, hidden from the road and great for families, not so good for surfing but wonderful for paddling.  Wonderful cliff walks to the North and South of this beach and even on cold, wild and windy days there is always peace here, at both of them.  It is truly magical to have this on your doorstep.


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