Claigan Coral beach

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Season: spring

The walk out to Coral Beach from the car park north of Dunvegan is a pleasure in itself, hugging the coastline and undulating gently.  However, the prize at the end of the ramble is magnificent, a beach of calcified seaweed strand set in an azure blue sea.  The scenery in every direction is breathtaking, stretching as far west as the hills of Harris.  It’s well worth climbing the hill next to the beach to further enhance the panorama.

Spring visit photo gallery


The beach as part of the community.

Wilderness Cottages


A breathtaking panorama, as seen from above Coral Beach.

Season: summer

In any weather, Claigan Coral Beach makes a case for inclusion in the “best beaches…” listings.  On this occasion, it was at the middle of a breathtaking vista under blue skies in the early morning, the maerl beach and turquioise sea enticing me in for a swim or a paddle.  I like to climb the hill behind the beach and look out towards South Harris in the Western Isles, wondering who has passed this way through millennia.

Summer season photo gallery


What the beach means to Chris and Stef.


With another Chris and Steph, plus Rebecca.


The exquisite setting for Claigan Coral Beach on Skye.

Season: summer

You follow the road north from Dunvegan to find this beach.  Parking at Claigan, there’s a lane that leads to the beach.  Comprising dried, calcified maerl, a local seaweed, Coral Beach sits next to Loch Dunvegan.  Access is via a short walk past the sandy beach at Camas Ban, passing through a gap in the wall.  It sounds inaccessible, but is actually straightforward and well signposted. The water is translucent and there’s a Caribbean feel to the shoreline, topped off by the outstanding views across the loch, taking in the islands of Lampay and Isay.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Stuart and Jennifer.


The magnificent coral beach beyond Dunvegan.

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