Camusdarach beach

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Season: summer

This is a candidate for the most beautiful beach in Scotland.  Chosen as a location for many films, including “Highlander” with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert, one of the Harry Potter films and the wonderful “Local Hero”, the beach enjoys spectacular views across to Eigg and Rum from its pristine natural shoreline.  The approach is over dunes from the car park.  The sand is powder fine and the beauty of nature here can stop any visitor in their tracks.  It’s safe to swim from the beach and the peace and quiet is staggering.  Located on the Road to the Isles, there are both the Sands of Morar and Arisaig in reasonable proximity.  You’ll also find a campsite with stunning views behind the beach.

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About to leave, but soon to return.

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The beach gives perspective.
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The magnificent Camusdarach beach.

3 thoughts on “Camusdarach beach

  1. Innes

    Nice beach, great sounds with the brooding, threatening weather in the back ground. You can smell the sea even from sunny middle England. It’s no wonder people get that sense of wilderness and freedom.
    Keep sending them out
    Keep well
    Kind regards

  2. Emily

    The beach a place where I’m reminded that all my problems are so small that they’re not worth worrying about – it puts everything into perspective. The waves will come and go, the tide-line will move and no amount of worrying will stop them. Flinging off my shoes and losing a couple of hours throwing a ball for the dog or paddling about in rock pools is like therapy, I always leave the beach happy and content with the world.


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