Bay at the back of the Ocean

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Season: summer

From the Gaelic Camus Cuil an t-Saimh, the bay has this name due to the clear run west, over the ocean to Canada.  The beach is one of several on Iona, a small island to the west of Mull, connected by a ferry.  The island has an iconic abbey, is the burial place for the politician John Smith and reputedly where St Columba landed from Ireland, on his Christian mission.  As you approach the beach over the hill, the machair ends and a bank of shingle fringes the white beach sand.  It’s a magical vista that draws you down to this beautiful place.

Summer visit photo gallery


Marcel’s eulogy to the beach, from an ecological perspective.  He refers to the Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance..


A secondary vignette, highlighting the scale of the beach.


What the beach means to Hans and Marian, from the Netherlands.


A stunning vista, at the Bay at the back of the Ocean on Iona.

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