Ardalanish beach

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Season: summer

Reputedly the most attractive beach on the Isle of Mull, access involves a half mile walk from the free car park near Ardalanish Farm.  The rocks here are considerably older than the Tertiary volcanic rock found most widely on the island.  Ardalanish beach is broad, with silver sands and an isolated, elemental feel.  With outstanding views, it’s a must-visit destination for any trip to the Isle of Mull.  Highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery

Guest photo gallery These photos were supplied by Jenny Jeffree.

Guest photo gallery – These photos were supplied by Tim Dawson.


A family scene at the beach.


The beach resonates through the generations.


A view from the dunes at Ardalanish beach.

2 thoughts on “Ardalanish beach

  1. Tim

    Ardalanish Beach has everything: solitude, miles of unbroken sand, rocky coves at each end providing shelter and places to explore.  In summer it’s a picnicker’s delight, in winter storms it has unsurpassed grandeur.  It is also full of outstanding examples of folded and distorted rocks to bring delight to any geologists heart.


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