Studland Bay

Beach facilities

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available South West Coast Path SSSI National Trust Dog friendly Beach cleaned regularly Good water quality for swimming

Season: spring

I chose South Beach for this spring re-visit and was handsomely rewarded, the beach feeling within touching distance of Old Harry Rocks, here on the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.  Studland Bay is of prime scientific importance for marine life, being a breeding ground for cuttlefish and sea horses, who graze on the sea grass here, while holding on to it with their tails.  The beach had a tranquil, laconic feel on this occasion, but landslips behind the beach were evidence of stormier days and the recent very wet winter.  Highly recommended.

Spring visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Wendy and Nigel.


A tranquil scene at South Beach, Studland Bay.

Season: autumn

Made up of Knoll Beach, Middle Beach and South Beach, Studland Bay is popular all year round, helped by its proximity to Poole and the chain ferry across to the Isle of Purbeck.  It stretches from just past the ferry, all the way round to Old Harry Rocks and includes a designated naturist area.   The wide sweeping sandy beaches are ideal for swimming, water sports, sailing and diving. The water quality is good.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Chris’ perspective on the beach and family memories.


The view in both directions from Middle Beach.

4 thoughts on “Studland Bay

  1. Charlie

    The beach means sunny days with my children building sandcastles, writing in the sand along the shore and jumping the waves.
    It also means blowing the cobwebs away on a winters day wrapped up tight, watching the dog diving in and out of the sea.
    Followed by a warm up with a yummy hot chocolate in the café at Studland.

  2. Jeremy

    We are lucky enough to be 15 minutes by boat or car to some of the best beaches in the UK. It isn’t surprising our family spends a lot of our time there. Perfect for a warm summer’s day but equally inviting on a crisp winter’s day when it is just you and the dogs making the most of the quiet season.

  3. Jenny

    I could give many reasons why Studland Beach means so much to me. It is now just a short drive back to my childhood home of Studland where life was spent on the beach, exploring ‘Fort Henry’, beachcombing, riding my pony along the long beach and sand dunes, Swimming in the sea from Spring to Autumn. To now sit on the clean golden sands in summer watching the world go by, looking towards Old Harry Rocks to the right and Bournemouth and beyond to the left, views imprinted in my brain. Walking the beaches in winter, the winds blowing, the waves crashing not hearing anything but just feeling the renewing energies of the coast. This is a beach I will never tire of visiting.

  4. Anna

    The beach is hugely significant to many of us as it’s reminiscent of childhood holidays and as we grow and life becomes inevitably more complicated its’ curative properties are a life saver. When I’m on a beach, I find myself focussing on the sound of the sea and everything else fades, it’s the best stress buster and declutters my mind. Clearing the data banks leaves me feeling re-energised but also at peace. A largely unchanging landscape means it’s a reassuring place to be in a world of constant change. It’s difficult to sum up in words except to say that it makes me happy: the sights, sounds and smells evoke memories, re-energise but also induce a profound sense of calm. It’s an easy place to be on your own but great to share with friends and family too: even when you’re not on holiday, being on a beach somehow gives you permission to be a little selfish, step out of the everyday and enjoy the freedom that brings. As a place it’s about so many things – family, togetherness and being carefree and there’s nothing quite like an invigorating walk along the beach to give you a fresh perspective.


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