Mudeford Sandbank

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Season: autumn

The sun was out for this autumn visit to Mudeford Sandbank.  With a warm breeze blowing from the south west, the walk along to the end of the sand spit was a pleasure, lit by the mid morning sun.  To the east, The Needles and the Isle of Wight basked in the light of the lowering seasonal sun and the sea was calm.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The appeal of the beach to Jan.


The scene at Mudeford Sandbank on a bright autumn day.

Season: autumn

Mudeford Sandbank sits next to Hengistbury Head beach, but overlooks Christchurch harbour, forming a natural barrier between the harbour and the open sea. There’s an adjacent lagoon with red shanks, oyster catchers, terns and natter jack toads.  The area is designated a Site of Nature Conservation Interest and can be reached in a variety of ways, by foot, bicycle or on the land train from Hengistbury Head, or by ferry from Mudeford and Christchurch Quays.  There are about 300 expensive beach huts on the sandbank.  They are unique, because you can sleep in them overnight, so a community spirit has grown up here.

Autumn visit photo gallery


The appeal of Alec’s beach hut, through generations in his family.


At the end of the beach on Mudeford Sandbank.

Season: spring

As one of the most well-to-do locations in a well-to-do county, Mudeford Sandspit, or Sandbank, can be approached via the ferry from Mudeford Quay, across the water.  There’s a chic cafe and some of the best-appointed beach huts you’re likely to see.  However, the main attraction here is natural, a finger of powder fine sand in an idyllic location, with safe dinghy sailing, wind surfing and wonderful wildlife all to hand.  I recommend the walk from Hengistbury Head car park, where there’s a visitor centre.  You can make a circular walk of it, taking in Hengistbury Head itself.

Spring visit photo gallery


At ease by the sea, Trish and Debbie eulogise about this beach.


The view from a sand dune on Mudeford Sandbank.

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