Alum Chine beach

View map of beach Parking available Toilets available Bournemouth Coast Path Dog friendly RNLI lifeguard cover May 4 - September 29 Beach cleaned regularly Blue Flag

Season: spring

The early morning brought bright sunshine to Alum Chine for this re-visit.  As commuters walked along the promenade, towards Bournemouth and the sun in the east, a blue sky and silver sea provided the backdrop.  The sub-tropical valley that makes up Alum Chine is well worth the walk, the surrounding trees and cliffs overpowering in scale.

Spring season photo gallery


The scene at Alum Chine on a fine, bright morning.


Tina and Marilyn are on a mission, training by the beach.

Season: autumn

Alum Chine beach is child-friendly, with an adventure playground nearby and a paddling pool.   There is a sub-tropical garden at the back of the beach, supported by the benign micro climate along this part of the UK coast.  It supports exotic species of plants and trees, that would normally only be found on a more southerly latitude.   Alum Chine also has beach huts and a large car park. This beach is one of the four Bournemouth beaches with a Blue Flag for water cleanliness, being the first Bournemouth beach to achieve the award.

Autumn visit photo gallery


A panoramic view from the waterline at Alum Chine beach.


The health benefits of the beach for Anthony.

Season: autumn

Bright late afternoon sunshine lit the beach and the Isle of Wight in the far distance.  Holidaymakers promenaded by the sea on a rising tide and vivid black clouds interspersed the electric blue sky over Poole, looking west.  Whichever way one looked at this moment, nature seemed ebullient, a reviving force in a special place.  Highly recommended.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Late afternoon at Alum Chine in the autumn.


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