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Season: winter

Beer is an iconic East Devon village and beach, with a rich cultural history.  Stone from Beer Quarry featured in the construction of Westminster Abbey and there was once a proud lace making tradition.  Beer is also traditionally associated with smuggling, like several of the East Devon fishing villages.  Nowadays, Beer is a magnet for visitors, with all of the facilities and natural beauty that holiday makers are looking for.  There is a cultured atmosphere in the village, but the coast path and natural coastal beauty are the main draw to this area.

Winter visit photo gallery


Alan (Abbott) takes us back in time.

Pitt Farm Cottages


The peace and tranquility of the beach for Tony and Jan.


A bright morning at the beach in Beer.


The importance of this beach to Kim.


An inshore fishing boat returns with its catch to Beer.


Jim’s catch of the day, fresh from the sea.

One thought on “Beer

  1. Michele

    The beach at Beer is particularly magical at any time of the year, rough winter seas that pummel the pebbles, the roar of waves in your ears, the smell of fresh air. Perfect for clearing your mind of any stress or concerns.

    Gentle spring breezes that caress your skin, sheltered by the beautiful cliffs you can sit and enjoy relaxing with a book or just people watching.

    Hot summer sun to warm and tan your body. The smell of barbeques cooking freshly caught fish. The laughter of people enjoying themselves. Plenty of rock pools to be explored by children and adults. People boating, bathing, relaxing, there really is no better place.

    Yes the beach means a lot to me, I am so glad I live close to the sea with all its beauty, the differing coastline, changes in the sea and sky – so much nicer than sky scrapers and busy cities/towns.


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