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Season: spring

The beach at Shoreham-by-Sea is easy to access from the road and the houses that lie behind it. Shoreham itself is nearby.  The shingle has a satisfying crunch as you walk along, this being less steep than other shingle beaches in Sussex.  Convenience and relaxation are the order of the day here, a chance to regain perspective and balance in today’s hectic lives.

Spring visit photo gallery


Family times at the beach for Natasha.


On the beach at Shoreham-by-Sea.

Season: winter

Shoreham Beach is a haven of tranquility in the long, summer months.  Typically for West Sussex beaches, it has a shingle higher reach, with plenty of sand beyond, which is only revealed at low tide.  With three miles of pebbled shoreline at high tide, the beach is superb for walks, for exploring or for just relaxing and taking in the sea air.  Shoreham beach is also part of the Vegetated Shingle Project, set up in 1999 to encourage the renewal and maintenance of indigenous plant life among the beach shingle.

Winter visit photo gallery


Victoria and her grandmother Eileen reflect on the importance of beaches to each of them.


The scene on the beach at Shoreham-by-Sea.

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