Talland Bay

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Season: spring

This small, charming beach is always a pleasure to visit.  On this occasion the tide had receded to highlight the arc of the bay.  You approach the beach down a steep road, so there’s a sense of theatre about your arrival, as you turn a bend in the lane to see Talland Bay revealed.

Spring visit photo gallery


Polly’s affinity for this beach over time.


Watching the tide recede at Talland Bay.

2 thoughts on “Talland Bay

  1. Pat

    Talland Bay, a beautiful cove nestled between the cliffs of Looe and Polperro, means so much to me, as I watch my grandchildren playing in the gentle waves, then off to explore the rock pools, their happy little faces as they show me what they have found, brings back such memories, as I reflect back on my childhood with my parents. These moments I like sharing with all my guests, as I direct them to Talland Bay to experience the same moments as I do;
    come sit awhile and share with me, enjoy this quaint unspoilt cove found at the bottom of Talland Valley.

  2. June

    I tend to find a clean flat pristine beach rather uninteresting …… To me the beach means flotsam & jetsam, seaweed, seashells, fishing boat floats, fender & buoys, random plastics, rope, driftwood & sea-worn & smoothed colored pieces of glass ….. They are the beach’s treasures it gives up to us …. I fill my house & garden with these treasures …. & cannot resist picking them up whenever, wherever I find them.


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