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Season: autumn

The tide was high for this autumn visit, under bright blue skies in the afternoon.  The sun was low in the west over the beach, a rare Norfolk sight.  This is an environmentally significant beach, popular with migratory birds, being a major East Coast RSPB Reserve.  On this occasion, cockles and razor clam shells were strewn about over the sand and shingle, crunching under foot and mingled in with the indigenous flint pebbles and stones.   The higher part of the beach is home to sea cabbages and some intermittent dune grasses.  It’s a natural treat, highly recommended.

Autumn visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Jenny.


Toni’s audio eulogy to the beach.


A fine autumn afternoon at Snettisham beach.

Season: summer

A welcome return to high pressure greeted me on this seasonal re-visit.  The tide was low and it was clear enough to see over to Lincolnshire, across The Wash.  As birds worked along the mudflats, the shingle beach retained its steep slope from the earlier winter storms.  This was a more tranquil scene, though.  The sky is the star at Snettisham, along with the birds that occupy it at different times of the year.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Barbara.


The wide expanse of Snettisham’s beach.

Season: autumn

Oddly for East Anglia, Snettisham is renowned for its sunsets, as it points west, towards The Wash.  The beach can be found a couple of miles outside the village and feels peaceful and remote.  Its location makes it virtually deserted in winter, with nothing to disturb the tranquility of the area, other than the sounds of the curlew, wader, swarms of geese and many other migrant species. TV programs, including BBC’s Autumn Watch, are frequent visitors.  There’s also a very popular bird reserve at the end of the beach.  This is a very beautiful place.

Autumn visit photo gallery


Marcus’ enjoyment of the beach, through an affinity for wildlife.


On the tide line at Snettisham beach, below an inspirational sky.


2 thoughts on “Snettisham beach

  1. Amanda

    It’s timeless.  If I go down to the beach today, it’s the same as when I was a child.  It gives me space to think.

  2. Bernard

    For me, the beach at Snettisham always reminds me of the migratory birds that over-winter there.  I remember waking up on my first visit, thinking “What’s that noise?”, only to discover it was the sound of thousands of pink-footed geese taking off.  Now I look forward to hearing them at dusk and dawn, when they visit us on their journeys.


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