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Season: winter

The sand had been pulled from the beach at Porthbeor during the recent storms.  Large boulders had taken its place by the sea, glistening in the wake of the ebb tide.  Access was tricky too, as the wooden steps had been completely washed away and subsidence had destabilised the coast path down to the beach.  However, the beach was a haven of peace and tranquility now, the calm after the storm.  Out at sea, there was no suggestion of the wildness that has preceded this visit.

A summer walk on the Roseland – photo gallery

Winter visit photo gallery


Memories of the beach for Simon.

St Antony-in-Roseland Cottages


The scene after the recent storms at Porthbeor beach.

Season: winter

It was a quiet, rainy morning at Porthbeor for this re-visit.  The tide was falling back, revealing another new beach.  Out on the flat sea, cormorants could be clearly seen about their business and a couple of buzzards circled above.  Otherwise, this beautiful, natural beach was briefly the domain of interviewee Yayeri, enjoying the elemental power of this wonderful environment.

Winter visit photo gallery


Yayeri’s two-fold appreciation of the beach and a chance to look back in time.


The harmony of a quiet beach in the winter.

Extra winter visit photo gallery

Season: summer

There was a tranquil, Mediterranean feel to Porthbeor beach, for this summer re-visit.  The sea lapped against the beach, towards high tide.  The outstanding setting, totally natural, made the long, steep descent worthwhile.  Great beach, highly recommended.

Summer visit photo gallery


Beach goer Olly’s view of the beach, under the sea.


The stunning setting for Porthbeor beach, on the Roseland Peninsula.

Season: spring

What a fusion of elements greeted me in the morning, at Porthbeor beach for this spring re-visit.  The sky above the Roseland was still stormy, but the sun had broken through and the sea was foaming with life and energy.  The rich brown of the sand on this beach was highlighted by the white foam at the waterline, all set against a backdrop of steep, dark cliffs.  This was one of those mornings when you just stand and wonder.

Spring visit photo


A wild fusion of elements, at Porthbeor beach.


What the beach means to Paul.

Season: winter

It was a crisp, clear morning at Porthbeor beach for my return trip.  The beach was deserted, but I saw the results of the latest beach clean, organised regularly by the National Trust along this part of the coast.  Access to Porthbeor is via a field, then by a long, steep set of steps, but it’s well worth the effort.


The beach, seen from above as the dawn lights the sky.


On the waterline at Porthbeor beach.

Season: autumn

Pronounced “Polbear”, this National Trust beach is at the foot of the Roseland Peninsula, looking East, round from St Anthony Head and its lighthouse.  The steep steps down and lack of facilities make it the choice of the fit and agile, but the climb is well worth it, with outstanding geology and a sense of being away from the world.  Highly recommended for peace and quiet, like Great Lantic beach, near Polruan.


Access to the beach is via a stile, a field, then steep steps.


At the water’s edge…


A stone at Porthbeor beach.


More geology.

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