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Season: spring

Bright sunshine greeted me for this spring season re-visit to Porthleven, on the Lizard Peninsula.  The fishing town has recently taken a pounding from the winter storms, but today the scene couldn’t have been more different, as metal detectorists scoured the calm and peaceful beach, like interviewee Desilina, from Swansea Metal Detecting Club.  The main visitor had begun and the town was in great shape to visit day trippers and holiday makers alike.

Spring visit photo gallery


Things that you can find on the beach and elsewhere.


Spring arrives at Porthleven.

Season: autumn

I visited Porthleven and its small beach on a beautiful sunny day.  The sea was flat calm today, but has been known on occasion to career over the sea defences and up against the wall of the Bickford-Smith Institute.  This building, originally gifted to the town as an “institute of learning”, is now council offices.  I had a chat with two generations of boatmen who were busy with a working boat on dry land, next to the picturesque harbour.  There are all necessary facilities and toilets to hand in Porthleven, with a choice of pubs and restaurants.  Nearby Porthleven Sands makes for a bracing walk on a windy day.


Chat with Llewellyn on his working boat by the harbour


Chat with his nephew, Lucas, on the working boat.


A view from the inner harbour at Porthleven.


A calm sea at Porthleven.


A first view of the beach and Porthleven.

Season: spring

A bitter easterly chill greeted me on my return to Porthleven.  I was talking to Adrian on the slipway about this and that.  He agreed to talk about the people he’d known and some of Porthleven’s history.  Adrian works with the Porthleven Old Cornwall Society, where you can learn lots about the town’s rich heritage.  The Old Cornwall Societies are a great resource if you’re interested in the history of Cornwall.

Spring visit photo


Adrian lifts the lid on some of Porthleven’s notable spirits from the past.


The inner harbour at Porthleven

One thought on “Porthleven

  1. Damelza

    It means freedom; a break from my working environment and the demands of household chores.  It gives me a sense of perspective, how insignificant my worries and anxieties are  in the presence of the mighty sea and the grains of sand.  It conjures up warm memories of childhood summers spent on Cornish beaches, exploring rock pools, learning  to surf, hanging out with my family and friends and the summers I spent on the beach with my daughter when she was little, following in my sandy footsteps.  The beach is a release,  walking my dogs on wintry days; watching their energy and delight is invigorating and  relaxing. The rhythm and consistency of the waves soothes my soul.  I am happiest when  near to a beach.


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