DVD’s from the manonabeach® series, derived from the example below, are available commercially, either for use in-house or perhaps to show to your guests, customers or service users. Standard DVD’s can be either specific to a geographical area, such as Norfolk & Suffolk, or themed for a particular requirement, for instance Childhood, Tourism, Family, Nature, Sensory, Memories, Artists or Escape. To explore ideas for commissioned themes, please see the findings menu.

Popular markets so far for both longer standard and commissioned versions of the DVD include healthcare, airlines and airports, tourism, hotels, travel and hospitality.

For more information, either use the send your answer menu or email directly to info@manonabeach.com.

Please see below a promotional DVD and its artwork, showcasing eleven narrative interviews on Cornish beaches, from early in the manonabeach® series:

Highlights DVD inlay

Click on the image below to play the promotional DVD.


“What does the beach mean to you?” – send your answer

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