Luskentyre beach

Beach facilities

View map of beach Parking available SSSI Dog friendly Good water quality for swimming

Season: spring

This outstanding shell beach runs for miles around a headland in the west of South Harris, with views across to Taransay.  It’s a regular candidate in the “best beaches…” polls and time seems to stand still here.  The bay is unspoilt and the turquoise water is inviting.  The natural beauty stops you in your tracks, creating a visual memory that you can draw on, whenever you need to in your future.  The panorama includes sand dunes and mountains across the bay.

Spring visit photo gallery


The beach through life and looking forward as a family, with Norman at Luskentyre beach.

Dalhanna self-catering cottage


A stormy day at Luskentyre beach.


In the shelter of the dunes at Luskentyre beach.

One thought on “Luskentyre beach

  1. Catherine

    Luskentyre beach is the perfect getaway and a walk there feels like you are on holiday! Lots of space to unwind, contemplate in peace and enjoy the vast sand and sea with it’s soothing waves


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