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Season: summer

For this seasonal re-visit, I returned to Homore itself, walking past the chapel, down to the white, sandy beach, with its river running to the sea and its sheltering dunes.  The beach is stunningly beautiful, with an unspoilt backdrop and a sense of timelessness.  The area has actually been the site of religious settlements and churches for many centuries, but nature is the star here, in all its glory.  I interviewed people staying at the excellent hostel near to the beach, one of three on the islands provided by the Gatliff Hebridean Hostels Trust.

Summer visit photo gallery


What the beach means to Ian, Marcus and Dave.

Here’s a photo from Visit Outer Hebrides of Kilpheder beach, a highlight from this long strand of beaches at Homore.


The view from the dunes at Homore on South Uist.

Season: spring

This beach on the west side of South Uist has the familiar machair and its summer wild flowers behind, designated to be the South Uist  Machair Special Area of Conservation.  However, visitors will also be struck by the thatched crofts that are congregated behind the beach.  I visited the bottom section, below the village of Homore.  This part of the beach is known as Stoneybridge, the road behind being close to the sea and often awash with storm debris.  There’s a collection of ruined churches and chapels, giving a sense of being back in time and exuding a rather foreboding feel.  The beach stretches out to the north, as far as Ardachy Point, a fine choice for a long walk.

Spring visit photo gallery


The scene from the machair above the beach at Stoneybridge, south of Homore.


Looking back up the beach at low tide.

2 thoughts on “Homore beach

  1. Marie

    Homore beach reminds me of my childhood many years ago, walking and playing on this beautiful beach that stretches for miles, then walking to church in Bornish on Sundays. I remember crofters gathering seaweed for their crops, Tom cutting tangles while his dogs play ed on the beach, looking out to sea to our nearest neighbours, Nova Scotia and Canada.

  2. Karen

    This beach is a life saver for me.  It’s a place to take my dog for a walk and to relax and take in the beauty of the surroundings, and listen to nature.  With the stresses of work and life, it’s a place to go to recharge and take in the fresh air.  I love the sound of the sea, it relaxes me.


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